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Чей этот телефон и кто звонил мне?i
I need to know who this is it just called my house phone an I do not know that number at all.
This guy is trying to sell IELTS test. Dont answer him
Caller keeps ringing. Only 15 minutes between each call and there is only a beep when phone is answered - no person at the other end. Very annoying and time wasting.
Need to retried the mobile number 12102015347
I saw a missed call may i know whom it is?
Williams is his name.. he is a soldier according to he want to send me his baggage but i should pay the expenses.. he is a possible scammers
Called and hung up, assumption, scammer or telemarketer.
what university number is that?
J'aime raid connaitre le nom du proprietaire de ce numero de telephone car j' ai trouve un appel en absence sur Mon mobile
Who is this I’m trying to find the owner of this phone number
I want to know this person's number real ID and his location
Called about insurance for my car. I said no thanks, but they continued anyways, mind you this was not a bot. He finally pauses after awhile *I didnt hear half of what he said* I said, I'm sorry but I'm not interested. He then says, Ok then f*ck you. If you redial the number it speaks in bot and is a fake call directory to either press one or two for a wrong call or call back, neither work. These scammers are getting very sad. :') guess people are not falling for it anymore.
Who is this number this is royal banque philadelphia
This phone number has called me a few times and they say that there is a legal complaint against me and if I don't call them back they will send the police to my home. It's all a scam
Give me details of this number.
This person said he is staying in LA with a business. He has dual) citizenship in USA and UK. This number is from Washington not LA. He spoke with a Philippines or Indian accent. Beware scammer likely.
Es teléfono es de Angelina González, porque ayer chat con ella y me gustaría saber si no es un engaño o spam
Es teléfono es de Angelina González
this number used by apex security company,they r doing fraud. please i need to complain about it
this guy contacted me earlier today asking for friendship he said he get my mobile number from an app called jack'd but i already deleted that app long time ago. i asked him to much questions and i know he is lying to me. he pretended to be someone and try to scam me with sugary words . i asked if he had social media account but refuses to give any. i know he is a scam and wanted money .
They called me at the indicated number, but I don’t have any saved contracts with this one. I would like to know who owns this number.
The IRS Scam - A very common type of fraud. The scammer says he is an IRS agent and threatens to freeze assets. He will also try to get information from you to steal your personal data. The IRS will never make a phone call to get bank card numbers.
Does this number belong to a consultant who gets a job in foreign country?
I received a text from this number that said “Sorry to bother you but do you know this person? It’s important.” And then there was a***** link they wanted me to click on. Not happening!
Recorded robo call claiming to be some sort of Social Security Administration police or FBI agency wanting to collect a fraudulent type debt. WARNING !!!! DO NOT CALL THE RECORDING' CALL BACK PHONE !!!!
Tengo una llamada perdida de este número, intente comunicarme pero la llamada no entro, en que puedo ayudar
This phone is Jane Nelson, she's in Streeterville, Chicago. She's originally from Michigan
Will not stop calling all hours multiple numbers same crap
Keeps disturbing others. Calls random number.
+12168108610 i received messages from this number from wednesday 3:06AM. PLEASE HELP ME AT THAT TIME WHICH IP IS USED. I AM VERY THANKFULL TO YOU PLEASE HELP
hi i am receiving threat from this number kindly locate and information me about this number. very thanks for your corporation
This number was used to send threatening, obscene language. It is under investigation by the Police
it's fake, the number is a free one and is being used by a spam.
I want to know if the owner of this number is genuine
This number is used by an associate in an IRS scam.
I invested my cryptocarence to this number +12023899660 to a person who called himself jeremy it look like he scamed me pls help
I invested my cryptocarence to this number +12023899660 to a person who called himself jeremy it look like he scamed me pls help
I have a missed call from this number. Can you please send me the info about owner
I would like to know to whom this phone number belongs and where he/she is located
The person using this number scammed me out of $500
Texted me my name with question mark. This is a new number so who is this
I just wanted to find out who's calling me from Cascade Maryland...last IP# when I reverse the number..I know I could answer I fear it is a telemarketer and I don't want that they called twice within a hour I will just block to be safe..thank you....
Andrea Marie Gerstle is a FILTHY B*TCH who ruined our whole family!!! I hope everyone who knows her knows about this fact.
Teilnehmer dieser Nummer Elvis Graham
This is a scam number, calls at all hours of the evening and no good status to call back.
I got two calls from this number but I know no one in Maine so I didn't answer. Probably some kind of scam.
So far i know this number used by An us female army officer named sergeant Jennifer ramirez, age 32,who is on a mission in Libya, this Could be either true nor false. in fact i want to know the present living place of this woman. With thanks Nz, Bangladesh.
Hi there my name is Arun from India.I would like to know this +1(201)877-1401 number belongs to whom? as i have met this person on Face book saying her name as Rose fabian as she is a military solider and presently serving in AFGHANISTAN is it true or false.It will be greatly appreciated if you could please help me with this through my email address you in advance
They are hackers. They're pretending to give out money but in reality they are asking for your Facebook password
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