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Recent comments:
This is a Paypal scam they tell you that u have 24hrs to get refund but end up giving them your bank account info
They called me once, at noon, left no voicemail and so far have not called again.
Phone number called me I did not answer in time tried calling them back and they said the number was disconnected
Hi I received a call from the phone number +1(985)365-9871. I don’t know who owns this phone number and why they called me.
This next number calls a lot . I try always to call no and it's always busy. ??
Caller id sows u s government. I suspect scam
This number is strange and tried to contact me all the he never show his face in WhatsApp Eithier
She ask me I am immigration diplomatic forum officer..but she is bigg scammer lady. +1(208) 220-8273 I lost 5000$
I need to know the basic info of tge owner of this number
The owner of this number blackmails someone in the Philippines, he’s asking for nudes the one whom he’s harassing is so affected by now but couldn’t do anything nor don’t know how to report this number. Please take an immediate action regarding this matter
Owner of this number has compromised this number with another user in India for his usage as Whatsapp/IMO social media contact number. This Indian fraud uses this American Indentity(+17162172750) to abuse females in India with obscene messages.
Hi this number sends me a death threat, and I do not know who threatens me. Please help knowing that I am in the Syrian Arab Republic and I have children. I work in construction, and I do not have any military work before. Thank you for the help.
Scam offer about a Job at CVS. He creates groups of people and send it
They left a message saying I need to be deported and must call that number back! Total scam and theats.. They should be arrested!
My first social security scam call. I feel so grown up now.
Call regarding suspension of my social security number due to fraudulent activity. Said if I don't respond they will send an officer to arrest me.
Someone pretending to be this number, calling by whatsapp withthe knowledge of original owner in USA and do personal abuse
This phone number says she's Stephanie Engelmann and that she works for Polymetcore Trading SA. Do not answer as this is a fraudster/ scam artist who takes your funds.
UPMC Mercy Hospital (my husband calling from his hospital room) but came up as *Robo Caller*on the caller ID and I ended up screening the call.... Just another datapoint to add for if and when we sue them for malpractice!
Can tell me about for who’s using this number and the need name and address.
marriage swindler, takes money from women.
I had received a missed call from this +12083661363 number and I don't know why?
Rang me in Austria. I don't now this number, so I th7nk, it was a ping call.
Please answer,whose phone number belongs to? Is this a scam?
Estafador Esxtorcionista Tengan mucho cuidado con este numero
Phones late at night and doesn't leave messages, I don't know anyone in utah.
This number is stolen by an iranian guy، Trying to steal money from people in telegram. Please follow up.
من صاحب الهاتف هذا وهو ابان في اي دولة لانه يتصل بي كثيراً
Звонят в 23:46 и сбрасывают. Непонятно для чего они это делают. Возможно реальный номер был подменён.
Hallo ! Ich heiße Nice Und ich habe diese tel nr. Bekommen Nun, ich habe Angst das ist eine Betrüger oder so was, Bitte um rück schreiben Wäre ich freue Mit freundlichen Grüßen Nice
Who owns this number? What is the name of the business? What does the business do? How do I get them to stop calling me?
This is listed as a high risk spam on sprints spam call filter. I did call them back and asked to have my number removed, lady was really nice although she did try to get my name.
Cryptocurrency scammer
Hey I'm trying to get ahold of this person to buy some equipment off of them and I've been calling and can not get ahold of them. My friend gave me this # but like I said no has answer the phone which I have called numerous times. I really would like to get ahold of them because I really interested in purchasing some equipment off of them.
No response and when you attempt to call back, says the line isn't in service. Though it doesn't sound like the actual recording of this.
Garbage robo call. Lady was extremely rude, refused to delete my phone number, and kept badgering me for personal information about my investments. Only answered because my phone was in the other room and nearly missed. Had I seen the number, I wouldn't have answered as I don't live anywhere near this area.
For now it's a scam they're using this number amongst other for a Smishing scams.
He person asked me for marriage, kindly help me to confirmthat mean name is Rahul Francis.... This is very important for me to understand he is it Truth. Please help me for it
Fake call saying they were a federal agent looking to arrest me from a computer voice
Whose number is this because the number suddenly threatened my friend
Message said it was customs and border patrol, package held. Press one to continue. Asian guy saying f u on the phone.
Just wanted to know who was calling
Robo-caller and prank caller. I blocked Utah area codes from calling my phone yet this number called me somehow anyway, over and over, with no audio
Who does this number belong to
I am receiving calls from this number that appear to be fraudulent... who's number is this???
cheking this mobile number, i want to know
I have been scammed by this telephone number. He said that is an manager from a Bitcoin Company. They put you to pay to receive you money tat you invested in their fake company.
J'ai besoin idenfication du numéro téléphone
Called 3 times different number, left no msg
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