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Phone number location: Rutherford, New Jersey, USA
US phone area code: 201
Phone number prefix: 201514
Number of views: 66
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The types of telephone fraud that are most common now are:
  1. The IRS Scam - A very common type of fraud. The scammer says he is an IRS agent and threatens to freeze assets. He will also try to get information from you to steal your personal data. The IRS will never make a phone call to get bank card numbers.
  2. Tech Support Scam - Scam in which a scammer claims to offer a legitimate technical support service. They will try to steal your personal information for example under the guise of fixing computer problems.
  3. Debt Collection Calls- In this type of fraud, they impersonate debt collectors and demand money from you that you don’t owe. They threatened people with lawsuits and jail time to collect debts that didn’t exist.
  4. Real Estate and Timeshares - These phone scammers typically call with an “investment opportunity” and attempt to make themselves seem like legitimate potential returns. Scammers will usually offer victims a too good to be true price for their timeshares, pressuring these owners to seize a one-time opportunity to cash out on their investments.
  5. Sweepstake Prize Winnings - They request credit card and personal information to save your booking. Never tell your personal data by phone!
  6. Charity Donations - Using your compassion, fake charities use this to their advantage. They will steal your money without giving anything to a person who really needed help.
  7. Student Debt, Loans, and Credit - Scammers can offer you an advance fee loans, reduce the interest rate on a credit card. They may also offer credit card security. These are all fraudulent tricks, do not give them the details of bank cards.
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