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Format of mobile phone numbers
Example of mobile phone number: (844) 861-7751
Example of mobile phone number in international format: +1 844-861-7751
Information about the phone number
A country: USA
1. Duglas26-07-2017 г.
IRS scam. Left message. Also using other numbers for same scam attempt.
2. Logan26-07-2017 г.
recorded message that the IRS had a lawsuit against me and to call before they had me arrested.
3. Emma26-07-2017 г.
Called and said I had a warrant for arrest from irs. To call back.
4. Ray26-07-2017 г.
Same as others. Received an automated call claiming to be the IRS and saying that a warrant had been issued for my arrest and to call them back. What f-ing lowlifes...
5. Stive26-07-2017 г.
Left a message saying "Contact us as soon as possible 1-844-861-7751" and repeated the same message.in the next moment...
6. Siman26-07-2017 г.
Same as others. Left a VM saying they were IRS, arrest warrant issued, etc.
7. marvan26-07-2017 г.
The guy that answer me said : I represent the government and he tray to intimidate me.
8. Jack26-07-2017 г.
844-861-7751 Robo phone call - also stated the same, IRS and arrest warrant. Wanted me to call them back.
9. Sophia26-07-2017 г.
Called stated they were IRS and there was a lawsuit against me with a warrant out for my arrest. SCAM
10. anabel26-07-2017 г.
Stated it was the IRS and there was a law suit and arrest warrant issued for me. Another IRS scam.. Don't call the number!!!
11. Rassel26-07-2017 г.
Said they were IRS!! Arrest warrent!!! Wouldn't give any info. Be careful people.
12. Killian26-07-2017 г.
Beginning of message cut off. But threaten lawsuit if I didn't immediately call back.
13. tom26-07-2017 г.
Called stated IRS had lawsuit against me and arrest warrant was being issued. I called back, asked who this was they stated Internal Revenue Service, gave me some name. The call was coming from a call center. As the real IRS says, they will not call you and threaten.
14. Romario26-07-2017 г.
left a message talking about they are the IRS and have a arrest warrant for me if I don't call. I did not call back nothing happened. SCAM
15. Jossy26-07-2017 г.
Message said to call right away when I called them back no one answered. ANNOYING
16. Rob26-07-2017 г.
They pretended to be IRS. Threatened lawsuit. REPORTED
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