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Format of mobile phone numbers
Example of mobile phone number: (907) 371-6757
Example of mobile phone number in international format: +1 907-371-6757
Information about the phone number
A country: USA
State: Alaska
1. Katherine kellen06-03-2018 г.
Someone from this number called my work and stated to my husband and I had a twin sister he gave her my number she didn't call me it sounds like a person in the past who had seen us on TV in our furniture commercials. I should have the right to know her name. Her phone call was inappropriate. I called the number and she had Bible scriptures on her answering machine so I recognize her voice that as someone I had a problem with in the past but we never knew who it was, then again it could be nobody at all and just a nice lady calling but yet I have to be careful and protect myself and my business.
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