New fraud methods in 2021

Our team receives more and more phone fraud notifications every day. We decided to learn about new types of fraud, how quarantine has affected fraud methods and tell you about it.


Unfortunately, scammers have increased their activity at the end of 2020, through fraudulent calls and sending SMS spam. Now there is a growing demand for the delivery of goods such as food, appliances, clothing, medicines and many others. Fraudsters ask for personal data in order to verify the recipient of the goods, in fact, they are trying to find out information that they can use for fraudulent purposes. We advise you never to share confidential information with unknown people. To track your parcels and orders, use only official websites and applications.


Vaccine scam


Now millions of people around the world are vaccinated, and scammers take advantage of this. They call, impersonating a health worker, and offer to get the vaccine for a fee, although the vaccine is free. Also, after the call, people clicked on malicious links, applications, etc.


Tips to avoid vaccine scams

  • You don't need to pay for the vaccine or additional fees, it's completely free!
  • Sometimes scammers try to impose additional examinations to obtain a vaccine. This is also cheating!
  • Government representatives will not call you and offer you a vaccine in exchange for your detailed personal information
  • Contact your healthcare provider to securely book vaccination appointment.
  • Do not follow vaccination links, do not reply to SMS and emails from unknown persons
  • Ignore advertisements and vaccination offers on any social media
  • Do not post photos of your vaccination cards, as they contain personal information that attackers can use to cheat

Very often fraudsters use phone number spoofing (CallerID) with the help of IP-telephony to phones of social services, law enforcement agencies, medical institutions and similar trusted numbers. This way it is easier to cheat because people are more trusting and less careful when communicating.


Telephone Fraud causes very large losses for people, for example, in 2011, according to the CFCA study, it brought in losses of $ 40.1 Billion (USD) (CFCA's 2011 Worldwide Telecom Fraud Survey) pdf and in 2015 increased to $ 26.28 Billion (USD). In the table you can see the losses from fraud from 2008 to 2017.


Top 5 Fraud types from 2008 to 2017

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