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Recent comments:
someone from that number is writing to me and I don't know who it is. I doubt it is false. thank you
Abusive texting nature to WhatsApp number, targeted to a specific person.
I was in continuously chatting on this number with Jenny James...but her phone is not available since 5th November...i want to connect myself with her please help me out to get connected with her or with her family members...her Mom or her Sister Elisha James...
I wanna know whose number is that. Because the person behind that number is trying to call me.
The owner if this number is trying to black mail me. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
Telephone number 13047197395 continues to call The number shows Impact Rated Windows from West Virginia. Don't know who would be calling me from West Virginia about Impact Windows?
Dit tel nr is gekoppelt aan de site Expert Delivery Agency het gaat om vervoer adoptie huisdier van oekraine naar nederland en zoveel mogelijk geld laten betalen. Het begint bij een ticket 230 daarna een verzekerings borg van 580 daarna een injectie van 180 en vervanging van reisbak of huren 700 of kopen 950 en anders kan je puppy niet naar nederland komen. je kan dit alleen via moneygram betalen. Uiteindelijk heb ik 844 betaalt en geen hond.
There is a whatsapp account linked to this mobile number, and they are stealing my identity.
Seems like spam. Received a silent call from the number. I don't know anyone from washington.
Este no tem ligado para minha irma dizendo que seu nome e Richard sameerrs gostaria que me confirmassem se e verdade ou não passa de um golpista
Don't know who it was but I called it back and said you reached the desk of Mary Turner. So I've got no clue why they are calling me.
Who are you? I wont to know you prove it if you are honest I'll be waiting for you
My mom was having a rough time, she needed someone to talk to, all of a sudden this number appeared on her phone via Whatsapp, she asked who he was. His name is Isaac Dylan, everything was fine until he said he needed money for a BP-Oil platform. back then we had already deposited a few thousand, then one problem after another came, our amounts that we deposit increased. He claimed to be a millionaire but all his bank accounts were frozen, as he said. The photo he used for Whatsapp was a Spanish soccer player, he had an account in America and one in Turkey. After we deposited too much, he blocked our number.
Got a missed call from this number and its not in my contacts and no voicemail was left. Just curious to see who owns this phone number.
Connected to a Scam site, uses fake pages and information. I've been over charged and there have been several hits on my account.
over charge and several hits on my bank account. I am sure this is a scam.Information that was supposed to be from Shark Tank is fake.
This is a scam caller. They robo-dialed me then transferred me to someone that hung up as soon as I asked how they got my number.
الرجاء الافادة اريد معرفة الشركة صاحبة هذا الرقم 12058969832
Received call from this number today at 11:23 a.m. It said it came from Asbury Park, NJ. The recording stated someone was trying to use my card on my Amazon account to purchase something that was over $1000.00. Recording stated purchase was put on hold until I verified it. I was to push a button to ? ... I suppose verify which probably would have included my payment. Idk but either way, I looked on Amazon and there was nothing on hold or anything that looked suspicious.
Hello... May I know who is using this number? This is very important.
It's a number from a hacker. Who scam you out your money
Not sure who's number but it sent me a link to a online casino site Slots V Casino. Casino says it's one of their affilates but has limited info on them. I believe casino is lying to keep from paying out prize money.
Who’s number is this I gotta call from it 5 days ago.
Spam caller- wanting me to purchase extended car warranty before the manufacturers ran out- Being all my cars are over 20 yrs old, I am sure the warranty expired long ago, lol.
they try to scamm me...from this number..that is why i want to track it down
I want detail this number.this number have a whatsapp and text me some time
Scams this number kept calling but no answer
What number belongs to what company
This phone number is «Pristol Pharmaceuticals Ltd », located at 3773 Howard Hughes Pkwy - Suite 500s Las Vegas, Nevada , USA 89169-6014
This phone is being used for financial extortion on behalf of Jennifer Aniston.
Someone from Alabama is using this number is being used to scare people with the momo challenge via whatsapp... delete and block it!!
This is a cold caller, he looking to sell video creation services
We just got a call from this number 2016756376 that threatened to shut off our power within the next 45 minutes if we didn't pay $540 and they were insisting that we use Cash App to pay it to Georgia Power. I could not find any info on this on GA Power's website, so we did not do it.
Is this man a Real américan soldier
This number texted my 12 year old child soliciting information while referring to my child by their name. The sender claimed their name was Alex. When I responded asking how they received this personal information, they did not answer.
Message me using the number you uses to call me for tge reason of your call. Thank you
Please block this st*pid scammer I lost $20000 in this scammer this is one of phone numbers
This number phone is one of scammer that collect money from me and lies is from Africa block it ASAP
Call me at 3:30am and hung up. When I returned the call, I got the message that the mailbox was temporarily unavailable. They woke up everyone in my home.
vm said my social security number had been compromised. Call back number did not work. Sounds like spam or scam.
le numéro 18086003228 m'a appelé, je voudrais savoir d'où ça vient?
La persona no se quien es pero hizo un instagram falso haciendose pasar por un actor y luego me escribio por whatsapp siempre supe que era mentira le segui el juego haber a donde llegaba es un estafador de cripto monedas.
Request for who owns this number.
I just want to know who’s phone number this is please
This number is from a fraud man who steal money online. Ask to put money ia a Bitcoin ATM. Dont make this, is a fraud!
Wanna check if this number is appropriate with a shipping line
Uhm I don’t know who this is but please identify yourself so I know who’s calling thanks
phoned house phone did not leave a msg.
Need number back my old Facebook use by this number
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