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hi there, i need to know who is the owner of this phone number! Please can you tell me?! Its very urgent... thank you very much in advance! Gudrun
Who's number is this? They are cheating others so pls send me this number details
He tell mee that his name is Harry west and is on the sea golf of mexico I think is a fraud number
I don't know why you're calling me You made me distracted When I answer the phone, I hear no sound from the other side
I dont know who is calling. I saw this no on my phone. I wanna know who called me fro Washungton. greetings Heike
I've been sent an email from this phone number stating there is a voucher available to me. This is the exact text that was sent to me: your voucher was prepared for you ????
Received what'sapp messages from this cellular number. And I'm suspicious about conversations. So do help me out to figure out details of this number.
Whom belongs this phone number and what country is it?
From this number 15187217521, a person pretends to be a prince of Dubai to commit fraud.
Do you know about This number: 14172038836 named "Jerry Rideway" He said he saw I posted on Begging Money site for help. He wants to help me, but he reject PAYPAL sending money and direct deposite. What he want is External transfer. Right now, I have not lost any money yet because I do not have money.
Who is calling me with this number, is this spam?
I want to know where this number is?
Calls from them with no one in the other end. Texts from them askeding my to confirm orders I did not place with a URL to select.
Whose phone number is this? Is this the number of University of Delaware?
Eu fui chantageada e extorquida com esse número de celular, eu procuro por mais de dois anos para que essa pessoa responda por esse crime eu perdi mais de 150 mil reais .
Deseo saber a que persona corresponde el movil 02019849666
This number called me during work hours and then rudely hung up. Very bad for business.
Quisiera saber si es este número es falso o no
Voicemail was left saying my social security number was suspended because they found suspicious activity. Be aware!
Hvem eier dette tlf nr +18052038145
Idk who keeps calling me from this number, but they sent me a text asking for a picture and then called me relentlessly without speaking, though someone was grabbing in the background.
Phone number is being used with scam warehouse in Delaware that changes peoples shipping addresses to steal shipped goods, address is listed to scam company outside US
안녕하세요 이번호에 대해서 궁금합니다 국적은 미국이라 합니다. 일하는 곳은 폴란드라 합니다. 저에게 한국번호 유심칩을 요구하고 있습니다. 여성이면 나이는 1986년생 이라고 합니다 한국이름은 윤 재화 입니다. 아버지가 한국사람인데 죽었다고합니다.그런데 이여자는 한국말을 못합니다.오늘 저와 톡을 했는데 폴란드라 합니다 폴란드 회사 다니고 있습니다. 확인부탁드리겠습니다
Someone is using this phone number to stalk me and my wife.
This number Is for a deshonest AND fraude Man. He says His name Is Dr Edmond Marcus, orthopedic medical doctor, he says he's from Ireland, working for NATO in Lybia He asks for money help to Buy things, through crédit cards. Before that , AND after few days he tryes to be in a clóse AND romantic relationship, AND explains His life has been miserable, as a widower AND he feels alone, being in a danger city.Please be carefull with this persón. You can found him in instagram as dredmondmarcus
This number is calling my house number and fails to leave a message. Upon return call it does not identify itself it only allows for you to leave a recording no matter what instruction you follow. This number appears to be an annoying Robo caller initiator and I want it terminated. It is invading my right to peace privacy in my home! Cease and Desist immediately.
I woul like to know the user name from this phone number.
Dear all, I received a call from this no. +1 202-899-9986 Kindly reply to me through email with more details about the caller. Regards
Thank you for helping me. This services are very helpful. Greatly satisfied.
Do not believe a word that “Mark Brown” aka scammer says!!! All he wants is your bank account info so he can steal your cash!!! I’d block him as soon as I seen the number pop up! Also uses number 909-666-4620, supposedly out of California.
This number comes of registration. I want to contact sindra philip for my account activation
This is a scam message ignore and report.
who is the owner of this phone ?
Curious to know whose number this is
This is a debt collector! Caller spoke horrible English with thick foreign accent. Very pushy. Call came from call center, you can tell from background noise.
This number was used to send obscene, threatening and derogatory texts. It is subject to a Police Investigation in Trinidad and Tobago.
Who owns this number. She called me twice.
Чей этот телефон и кто звонил мне?i
I need to know who this is it just called my house phone an I do not know that number at all.
This guy is trying to sell IELTS test. Dont answer him
Caller keeps ringing. Only 15 minutes between each call and there is only a beep when phone is answered - no person at the other end. Very annoying and time wasting.
Need to retried the mobile number 12102015347
I saw a missed call may i know whom it is?
Williams is his name.. he is a soldier according to he want to send me his baggage but i should pay the expenses.. he is a possible scammers
Called and hung up, assumption, scammer or telemarketer.
what university number is that?
J'aime raid connaitre le nom du proprietaire de ce numero de telephone car j' ai trouve un appel en absence sur Mon mobile
Who is this I’m trying to find the owner of this phone number
I want to know this person's number real ID and his location
Called about insurance for my car. I said no thanks, but they continued anyways, mind you this was not a bot. He finally pauses after awhile *I didnt hear half of what he said* I said, I'm sorry but I'm not interested. He then says, Ok then f*ck you. If you redial the number it speaks in bot and is a fake call directory to either press one or two for a wrong call or call back, neither work. These scammers are getting very sad. :') guess people are not falling for it anymore.
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