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So far i know this number used by An us female army officer named sergeant Jennifer ramirez, age 32,who is on a mission in Libya, this Could be either true nor false. in fact i want to know the present living place of this woman. With thanks Nz, Bangladesh.
Hi there my name is Arun from India.I would like to know this +1(201)877-1401 number belongs to whom? as i have met this person on Face book saying her name as Rose fabian as she is a military solider and presently serving in AFGHANISTAN is it true or false.It will be greatly appreciated if you could please help me with this through my email address you in advance
They are hackers. They're pretending to give out money but in reality they are asking for your Facebook password
It's a scam, don't believe it.
Who is this number? Who am i speaking to?
This number has called me, i would like to know Who is?
Who does, this number belongs to
Need this new phone number for myself. For work.
I want to know the location of this phone that has the number 1-480-249-8183 attached to it.
229-223-5163 keeps calling me about 0% interest rates in my credit card. I have turned this number over to the National Do Not Call Registry. I have asked the person at this number to remove my name, and he keeps calling. Sometimes with the same number and others with a different number but it is always the same man. I told him that I will get an attorney involved or I am going to report them, they just hang up. If I try to call back to get a business name, I get, a recording "Number not in service" This calls must stop. I am on call at my job. Since I am a substitute teacher, not all teachers names will appear on the ID and I depend on the name of the city to determine If I answer. This scam and robo calls and cold calling is going to get me fired. I have blocked numbers but they get throw anyway or it will be a new number but same person.
No telp ini adalah seorang penipu Berkedok cinta lalu mengirimkan barang kemudian disuruh tranfer Dana untuk menggambil paket
Have been charged a large amount by Vodaphone to call this number
+13152843441 No idea from where this call was coming and i don't have any deal with this contact.. I would like to know for what they are calling me.. Almost 7 calls came on an alternate day basis within the last one week
Kinek a nevén van ez a telefonszám?
this phone number is still on going to call. sometimes the caller is clear to talk with or cracking the voice to talk with.
Who's this they keep calling me
I've been contacted by this number looing for my personal info on a Kijiji add. A person in Georgia, USA wanting to buy things fro someone in Alberta, Canada just doesn't add up.
لمن هدأ الرقم من فضلكم اسم هدا شخص ومن يكون
You had called me this no- +91 9933415587 at 7.49pm. I couldn't understand what are you said. Please drop a message or WhatsApp or email me.
I really dont understand what are you saying about loan..what is all about
Im trying to find out who this phone number belongs to
Wondering who this number belongs to
Who is the owner of this mobile number
Whois the owner of this number
They are scammers and they have my full name.
acting as an official of Brinks Security corporate using email variable phone nrs 4842405121 as well scamming woman
scamming woman in south africa on a 419 scam
All my voicemails were being routed to this number and my phone is still not working right.
My voicemails were being routed to this number.
I just want to find out who's number is this. Im from philippines and i ant to confirm who this person messaging me on skype. Thankyou
They keep on calling me I don't know who it is they won't leave a name or why they are calling me
Said I would have a warrant out for my arrest if I didn't call back
I have forgotten my friend's address and the names we met long time in uganda and I want us to communicate again please help.
SSN fraud, saying about the lawsuit. Do not disclose your SSN.
+1 315-538-3057- i got a call from this number, fraud, abusive number.
I received 2 back to back calls from this # at 1:30 am, they left no message.
Don't pick it up. This person wants just to call you and joke around . No serious call .
How to receive a message on the phone number
I want to know this number more information help please thanks+12258009098
good day, i would like to get update on the something you send, and ehom you sen it to, its an emergency
Be careful. I thi k it is trying to get people's I do off fb. A friend request came up on fb from someone I know already has an account. She would not make another account without telling people. In it the mobile number put in was +12055183319. That is a number from USA and looking it up Alabama and that is strange as the person's account it is mimicing is from Ireland. I friended this for a minute and unfriended it only to have it ask to friend me again. The person's account it is mimicing is at work as I type this and does not use fb at work ever.
I called this number back and got a 3rd party screening service which is not able to reach my party, This clearly in a scan and or tele marketing robo dialer The call eventually times out and says that the text subscriber is not available and then asks for personal information, I have blocked this number on all of my devices
This number has been used to send to bully and verbally abuse persons using obscene language. It is under investigations by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, Cyber Unit
Proverka Nomera telephona iz tridsati i bolee simvolov
Hola, quisiera saber de qué lugar procede ese número y a quien lo pertenece...pienso que se trate de un estafador
name of number information ........
In Nevada..."if in town, look me up,"... seven Years have past, my love and I just would like to say Hi, before returning to 'HOPE'
He's a fraudster. Purports to be a military man currently stationed in Yemen.
This number is a scam seeking $500 for running over her cat and wanting $500 to cover funeral cost for the cat, i told her to F... off and hung up.
Would like to know who is texting me,worried that the caller could be a con. Please let me know.
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