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Hi ruby i need my money now, where is you!? Stay in watwonville or what?
I don't answer unidentified number calls. No message left.
I received a Robo voicemail saying that I have for allegations against me and if I don’t call them back that I will be arrested however there’s no case number no name no nothing so I want to report the number
i just wanna know from where is this number please. He keep calling me
Could I get little information from you about this number is it a real number or not
Could you please tell me whose phone number of +12702281000 ? Could you please call back to +6286609895 or +6287785374013?
I would like to know the name of the person who owns the phone number 19009999999 thank you for help.
I'm trying to find out who is calling me on my cellphone from this number
Hi honey I hope this works to send you a text message
I want to know about this number is it registered with Hora Micheal James? I am waiting for reply
Scam call about pain center. Same voice and similar number to the Resorts Rewards scam. I blocked the number
I want to know the name of owner of this no. She is texting me today complimenting me that i m smart. I want all of ur help to find the owner of no.
Good Day Sir / Maam This is Kenneth Sabuero, from Aurora, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines. I just want to ask about this number "+1 201-844-9592" who missed a call from me yesterday. Thanks!
Respected Sir I discussed the matter with the manager of SBI. He told me that the cheque book issued in 2013 from 714650 to 714700. Out of this cheques no714652 onwards are still live. If you want to stop the payment against those cheques you have to write a letter to the bank manager by writing the number of those cheques. It should be duly signed by you, scan it and send it to the manager through mail. A charge of approximately Rs 175 per cheque will be deducted from your account. More over he told me, you need to worry if blank signed cheques are there. if cheques are not signed then there is nothing to worry. ajay
Don't Text To anyone otherwise we have received many complaint regarding your be careful next time.
Why did you phone me 2 days ago .if you have words ,you may phone me or send message to my gmail ( I wait you myself
i would like to know at the moment , the person use this number ,who stay in usa or outside state and name of person to register this number
Mrs. Stef, good day! We have not talked with you for a long time so we want to talk to you on Skype)
This is a scam. Dont call back! This is a scam. Dont call back! This is a scam. Dont call back! This is a scam. Dont call back! This is a scam. Dont call back!
Hi This is my telegram phone number. Please give me
Telemarketer. I dont speak english well, and dont understand caller.
well I am 34years old, i work with world health organisation, i am originally from Quito Ecuador but i grew up here in the USA Florida, i live with my uncle, i am they only child of my parents, my parents passed away in a car wreck long time ago, i was taken care of by my uncle.thats why i love him so much but is unfortunate that he is suffering from cancer now, so i am they one taken care of has never been easy with us though.. i hope to return back to the States in me on this email
Number keeps callibg and im unable to call it back
Good morning i had been contacted by this person on link and she gave me this number (+12068000624 and +445600032506)as his private number her nname's Sylvia Matha and she told that she is worker at UNICEF FONDATION is it true or not i am confused in this time really beacause when i called the first it ringing without answering by someone BUT unfortunatly the second number that's not exist so i need your help right now to be cleare in my mind i i am an Guinean in leave there now
This number showed up on my caller ID Im not familiar with who this is.I dont know this number perhaps you may have mis-dialed? Who is this please? Thanks Felecia
This person claims to be eBay and scammed me out of $1500.00
This number texted me and I'm not sure why becausr I had the number blocked on my phone.
Hello! I had got SMS from your phone on my mobile with text in Russian promised prize to me at I hadn't found that site right after... Please explain what was it? Eugene 8=Q
hi, Mr Benjamin, our driver already in the airport. he just wait you at international arrival, now he is going to get you at domestic arrival
Hi fasi how are you i hope every thing is ok. We try to contact you through imo or facebook or through dave please if you can call as soon as possible
hola Un libro (del latín liber, libri) es una obra impresa, manuscrita o pintada en una serie de hojas de papel, pergamino, vitela u otro material, unidas por un lado
hola probando sonido hola probando sonido probando aqui probando alla hola hola espero que todo este bien y chevere felicidad que dios los bendiga
I've bought this number from primo application for android but unfortunately still doesn't work despite the money I've paid , so please , to whom it may concern or some body could give me a hand to solve this particular issue.
I just received a voicemail from this number stating there's a lawsuit filed against me by the IRS!! Does anyone have any information on this?
My girls the one this happened to; Received a credit card scam just seconds before this call. They told me my credit card was going to expire and I don’t have one. I have gotten this call so many times, I wanted off the list. I got on the phone with some dude and told him so many times I wanted off the list. He replied with “you’ll have to do me a favor” so I hung up. Not even seconds later I got a call from this number telling me that if I wanted my number off the list I would have to put my legs on his shoulders so he could reach my back. I mean, creep!! Scared this shit out of me. I will be calling the cops.
Buenas noches, Quisiera saber el nombre de la persona a la que pertenece este número. Me está molestando y no se quien es.Gracias
Hello good night, I would like to communicate with you, I have a question
Trying to find out the zip code so I could communicate with Bukola.
Try to figure out if someone is trying to scam me out of money.
i am a nice guy looking for help if you get this text pleases call me or text me with this number email +2348117983687
Daer Sir/Madam, I am Abraham dinku Mitiku, I am researcher at Ethiopian leather devlopment Institute.I got call from you this morning and can't exchange information due to bad network. So, please would you write me at the following address. Sorry for the inconvenience! Kindly, Abraham.
ارجوكم احتاج الى المساعدة بشان هذا الرقم اريد تفعبل وتس اب عليه لتواصل مع اصدقائي من فضلكم
Dear Sir; My son Basheer Zuhayr Alhafi has contacted you through e-mail several times in order to get an answer from you, concerning the entry visa to USA, but up to now, he did not receive any reply. As far as I know he, send all the needed documents and fees you asked for. He needs to know desperately at what stage the visa processes are. He is so worry about the matter. With my Best Regards Zuhair B. Hafi Tripoli - Libya
Ex-BF keeps calling me and using this numbers as spam. Why can't he stop already
Üdvözlöm! Ki hívott erről a számról? Mire felvettem letette. Kérek tájékoztatást! Üdv
Porque la vida se enzaña con las mejores personas te extraño mucho porfavor buelbe
ben sizin su numaralar acil yenilemöek lazım lutfen yenileyin bu siteyi kurdugunuz icinde tesekur ederim allah razı olsun allah ne muradınız varesa versin :)
I'm perchansed apple iPad him. Last September 12th still now my money was not credit into my account and also he is not responding me. No call, no message. He is a frad, chitter. And also he said to me ur debit 20000rs into his account then only he will give. I loss my money 20000rs&also apple iPad. He is a big chitter&also frad..... Please kindly help me
Hello! It was strange getting a call from your number from NY Belmont to Kazakhstan, Astana to my number +77478****26. Was it a coincedence or it was done on purpose? If it was on purpose, please send an email.
Whose phone number is this? Someone called from this number but it is unknown to me. Can you help to identify who the phone number belongs to?????
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