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Recent comments:
I need this real number who called to me
i received this call from IID but i have never been called from this specific number from this company
Received application for job from leudarte ...
+1 (201) 897-6369 I received a text message that read: "NOTIFICATION: Kierston, your MDW stimulus is pending your confirmation. Must accept no later than midnight. 05.22" I've gotten these before and I automatically block them because I'm 99% sure they're a scam, especially since that link literally says "Tap 4 Prize"
Caller said someone was using my SSN. Then over the phone asked for my SSN to verify the account. Super sketchy!
Fake number with my pic. Scammer of old ladies.
someone called me from this number two times today and I have no idea who it is. please tell me
Please note that this number +1206-734-8139 called me at 10:26am Manila Philippines and I do not know this number. Thank you.
This number is displayed by a company claiming to be pet delivery company beware it's a scam
i need some information of this person cause is important to me, please.
pisze laska z Kanady a numer amerykański
received suspicious voice-mail and multiple calls answered remotely.
Threatening many people on this number. Shows pictures of heads cut off and more.
I have currently received a call from this number.
Quiero saber de quien es este número de teléfono.
This number is a special person that I've been trying to find for a long time
Scam-#4 Received recorded voicemail from female caller who identifies herself as shannon and who says she wants to buy your house. I had already blocked the previous number she was using. Will block again.
Necesito saber todo sobre este numero dueño de la linea por favor es urgente
I believe I was scammed by a fellow with this number. Ron Pheonion about puchasing an iphone xr off facebook.
Что это за номер? И почему звонит на мой в Украину?
Это номер скамера, военнослужащего в Афганистане, вдовца.
Helloo. The user of this telephone number is a scanner. He or she enter on Tinder to try to viata persons
scammer that tries to get your bank info in a fake "trading" scam. Don't give info.
Pls let me know if this is the number of Miss Chelsea.
medical scam bullshit looking for the wrong name, i told the dirty indian faggot to fuck of
Мне пишут с этого номера, я не знаю кто этот человек, на чьё имя зарегистрирован данный номер и из какого этот человек города (штата). Помогите пожалуйста выяснить.
Kindly confirm the current location of this number.
Hi I´m interested in siemens sirona cerec 2 machine. Could you sende me information about it. Thank´s in advance, best regards.
scammers... they tried to scam me out of money, pathetic!!!
This number was used to fool me on WhatsApp. The user said that he was an American soldier who had been deploying in Syria and was moved to Iraq to support the Army.
Please note that person has cheated me from this number. He asked me transfer money for a pet dog and I did that. After that He is not responding and he has not delivered dog. Understand that he is cheater
I believe these people are scamers. They made a fake FB of my uncle. So I messaged this number info.
This phone number is «Syaiful Amin», located at 222 Licoln Avenue Salinas, CA93901(California)
Is this a special number? Somebody from my family accessed doesnțnt accessed it and generate supllementary costs. Do you think is the case to inform special services about this?
I don't think it is in that city and the state
i want to know location of this number and name of the owner of this number and i want to make sure the number not a scammers
no funciona para verificacion de sms
Kindly send me the details and the information of the number holder to report yo the Police as He/she us disturbing me by calls... Regards.
Der jenige der dieser Nummer hat, gibt vor in Vancouver zu sein.Drnke Es handelt sich um Betrug
please i need info on that number abt the last user james flowers.I need his new number plz its an emergency
Who ever this is sent creepy messages to my 13 year old daughter.
I want to know who is this person as he is seeking money
С этого номера телефона общается человек, который явно аферист. Очень хочу узнать его настоящее имя и возраст
I would like to know the owner of this number and the location of this number
This number is harassing a group of friends
Kenyan citizen male of age twenty years recident of Nairobi county
This number user is fraud.This user is fraud
Hi I need help and feel like I'm being stalked
This number has been registered as a number for a fake investment Ponzi scheme which is currently Rooking Iranian people. They have used this number for their Godaddy registration purpose Only.
Spam tried to get medical information using only basic information you can get from the web
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