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this number is sending fraudulus SMS for Desjardins bank in Québec Canada
Called as IRS, tried get money, threatened me, told me to jump off a bridge and die. These people need to be stopped. This is serious.
This number has called me numerous times. Leaves no voicemail. I call back and the number says that it is disconnected. I do not know What is up. Something seems really fishy to me about that.
Calls and nothing when I answered and then called back ten minutes or so and didn't leave a message when I let them go to voicemail
I am trying to reach Jeffrey Joran Dickson. This is the last known number I have for him. I am concerned for his well being and would like any information that can be provided. Please send me any information you have concerning him and or his granddaughter Eva.
This number sould be removed ,it is disturbing many whatsapp user ok
scammer using this number to get people to pay monies for bitcoin
Good day This person is using this number to scam people into btc mining , taking monies from people ,promising them bicoin
number called me (obvious auto dial) and the gentleman i was transferred to when i requested my number to be removed. Said "no baby. no baby, why don't you want to be my girlfriend?" What kind of professionalism is this from a supposed company trying to sell refinancing?
This number is a scammer trying to get money out of innocent people, please be very careful, the person is clearly really dodgy.
I don't know who is she.. But is messaging me... On whatsapp..i want to know that who is she?
Automated system claiming to be IRS and threatening.
This number called strong Indian accent very poor English. . Guy stated that he was from the internal Revenue Services and I had an outstanding debt of $8472 and if I did not pay I would be arrested my credit cards debit card and Drivers license would be cancelled /revoked I just hung up..and called the IRS.
To receive details in check deposit? Who are you and what is this check all about? Please identify your self! Why you send a message to my IPhone? Who are you working for? Is this a scam?
trying to verify who called me from this number or has my phone been hacked..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It bothers me calling and hanging up and it goes five times this day and I want to know who is
Don't pick up. They'll try to enroll you in a bad, expensive college plan.
The male caller claims to be from NIPSCO! Called 2 or 3 times before I blocked him. Then called about 10 times in a row AFTER I blocked the number!
Hey rosemary am Erick mucoki from kiambaaa hope you are fine. The reason to write for you this text is that I want you help me find a job at states
This number is refusing to identify the owner on my whatsapp. I want to know the name of the user. +18032912068. I anticipate your response. Regards, Lamark.
Want to know if this is the true number for MGM Grand because a friend received online interview. Thank you
I need to know who this is they keep on texting me and my people and I wanna know who it is no jokes about it asap
This number is a spam number do not answer. They are going to try and offer you something. They will ask you for your card number and cvc code on the back of the card.
hi how are you contact me as soon as you get free i have something really important to discuss i hope you understand
I.p address Lewiston Illinois. Received: 5:30 Note: you cant scam a scam artist DANIEL
I found your iPhone 6 how I can give it back to you.
I am getting miss call every night. Now he is sending me love messages. Any body know who the is this??
Said from La FireFighters, not sure if true or not
Spam call talking about charges and local police coming to get. Voice was automated and echo was present.
Scam will hack into your facebook account then try to scam all of your friends and family from your havked account
this number is calling me and we can't connect. i would like to know to whom it belongs. i am in China
Is this phone no connected to MGM GRAND HOTEL, LAS VEGAS,USA?
Number called and I am out of town, don't know who is calling and have people trying to contact me that I don't want to communicate with cause they are brainwashed. Thank you
Hey You called me at 15:45 Israel time? Do you need anything?
Holiday resort sales company. They call and annoy until you accept there offer. Bad mistake don't answer.
Hello Dear its my number phone +12026767950 now im in I am outside America and live in Germany All my contacts and archive my messages about Fibers and I have this account Now this locker is locked How can i activate it again Thanks for helping With respect
Sent me a pic of someone that's suppose to be him and its of a crazy looking white guy . I have received the same pic from three different numbers and its also happening with my pics!
Me llamaron y no se quien es ya son tres ves que me llaman soy de Guatemala
I just received a call from the management or company number, I am in South Africa and I cannot find a way to get back to this number
The caller pretends to be from IRS and expresses threats if you'll not call them back to solve your issue with IRS.
Вас вычислили за мошенничество в Украинской сети.В течении часа к вам приедет полиция для уточнения данных. Оставайтесь на месте.
Quisiera hablar contigo Rossi unos instantes pero no sé cómo empezar a decirte que te extraño y pues yo no quisiera separarme de ti nunca pero yo no sé yo te siento mucho muy retirado yo te siento mucho muy diferente yo no sé que te hicieron Rosi pero yo no puedo dejar de pensar en ti Te amo y por eso no quiero pensar yo cosas malas y pues estás aleja aleja más de mí
Hello, someone on facebook contact me and gave me your number, she said she is a marine who is on duty in sirya, i will like to know if that its true. Thanks
oye soy gabriel, te estoy llamando de hace dias, llamame.
Want to know why my boyfriend has his phone locked and blocked to were I can't see messages photos calls etc
They give their company name as "High Level Training Institute" and asking for some money. It sound very suspicious as normally no one willing to attend international training programs.
Please get back to me and explain why you have been not talking to me. You said that you would never do this to anyone. Was that a lie
I need to contact you because of your son Sean. My phone number is +81-92-716-6214 Thank you. Alexander Binner
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