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Sprint. I didn't answer because I'm about to switch since Sprint sucks.
800 777 4681 blah blah blah ...
1(800) 777-4681 called me, said hello and then asked me to hold and never came back. I was on hold for 5 minutes with out any explanation. why did you call me? why did you put me on hold immediately after calling me?
This is part of the scam, so you have no legitimate way of knowing if it is actually Chase, or a scammer. They have stepped up their game, i give em props on this one. They knew my name and account # and sounded legit, they had already made fraudulent charges to my account (was alerted by txt) then when i was calling to freeze my account, the same # called back the 800-935-9935 Now as to how they got my info in the first place and made the first fraudulent charges is beyond me, and how they knew my name, number, and bank account is beyond me also. Never lost my card. So beware, and good luck. I wouldnt accept a call from this # again do to it could be a scammer using a program to have the # appear, but its ok to call it to contact Chase.
This is a phishing scam. Don't talk to them. They claim to be Chase bank but they're not.
It may be a valid Chase phone number but that doesn't mean a call from it is actually from Chase. Scammers frequently spoof legitimate phone numbers.
I actually searched for this number and it does come up on the Chase website so it is one of their official numbers for checking and savings.
I called Chase and verified this is NOT a Chase line, it's fraudulent. I reported the line to Chase directly.
chase customer service 1 800 935 9935 chase com
800 892 2253 time warner .......
About 30 calls per week frome 800-892-2253. Spoke to caller once requested take off call list. He called me a MF!!
Got call from that number. Thank you for the heads up. We don't use Time Warner or Spectrum and don't have cable. Not interested in playing telephone tag with a robodialer.
The number 800-892-2253 phoned my landline on 01-21-20/1218 hrs. They didn't leave a voicemail. When I dialed them back, blocked, a recording answered saying it was Spectrum/prompted to enter the phone number affiliated w/ the account. I entered my landline/cell phone numbers. The computer didn't recognize my numbers. I used my investigative search engines, and it said the number belonged to Jazmie Brown/High Risk for -Scam/Fraud/Telemarketer. They phoned again, on 01-27-20/1219 hrs., 01-29-20/1322 hrs., also.
Call comes in as 800-892-2253 then states it is Spectrum you are being redirected to 855-707-7328 and robot comes on and states to please enter my phone number associated with my acct. I DON'T have Spectrum I hung up...
888 280 4331 Amazon prime does not call customers
I missed the call so I don’t know what it was about. I keep getting text from you about winning gift cards but it’s not a secure site so I won’t do it. When does prime renew?
Automated voice stating an iPhone 6 (specifically a 6)on my account. Press one to cancel order or speak to representative. Pressing 1 resulted in repeat of message. Pressing 1 again resulted in dead line. I'm guessing the idea is to get you to call back and give the a bunch of info, but since the person who posted immediately before me here experienced a nearly identical call I am going to ignore it.
Alleges false charges on my Amazon account for iPhone (called them back and it was an Indian voice. When I faked my account she hung up on me
I got a phone call from 1-888-280-4331 saying that someone ordered an i-phone on my amazon account.....I hung up...but then I got scared as I looked up amazon phone number and this is it....I got really scared then..heart palpitations and all. I asked alexis, where's my stuff, luckily nothing. I looked it up online and found this site saying heart rate is back down to normal now....what a scare! And I'm 65 years old.
I just got a call from them, too. Woman with a heavy Indian accent who was kind of hard to understand. I kept telling her that this call didn't sound right. Sure enough, I Googled the number she called from and it came up as spam. the phone call didn't last too long after that. Stay safe!
800 922 0204 A heads up: I received 2 calls this week from Verizon Wireless (purportedly). The first time I hung up b/c no one responded after I answered. The second one was today and I answered and waited. After several seconds, someone began speaking who sounded very unprofessional and unpolished. Also heavily accented and using more casual language than usual for a legit call. Anyway, he said I was overcharged on my last bill, how did I want it refunded, and then asked for login info for my account so he could process it. I hung up. SCAM. Watch out. The refund scam is back!
mike jones number . who mike jones?
Hi, my name is Michael 'mike' Jones. Yes, it is my number and I do call people on occasion when I'm bored or when I want some cutty :-)
It's the rapper Mike Jones phone number he advertises on all his songs!
Please can you told me Name and address for this phone number? +16627271291 Thank you
this company during the day is Fleetwood Recovery roadside assistants at night it turns into google play Store Music and Tv They even ask if you are having trouble processing your card press 2 someone gets on the line to take your number cvv and expiration then they ask for PIN 2 of the girls they have working there just laugh and whisper to each other sayin omg I told you they know ... and hung up ,,, Mr Jerrico oh my mr jerrico He even Tells You Man I assure you this is not a scam I would go to jail if it was a scam I dont want to go to jail oh I forgot the other one ,,, You Actually got the 5000 Grant that you do not have to pay back and you can use it for anything as long its used for good ,,,I about laughed so hard A Thief faking compassion wow and a heart can you believe that even the phone number you are recieving isnt theres cause if you call in the morning tatatatt Its an apartment complex or wait is it ,,lol yep another scam where they get all your info can u believe that wow i mean realy wow the first tim i called YOUNG LADY ANSWERED SOUNDED young still green at all this thesecound time i called what was suppose to be a higher up says yes im sorry mam we arw an apartment complex she tld me you had said something like that to her I know exactly what it is its the apartment fibders copany we use im gonna have a talk with them thank you and hangs up
google customer service phone number
call 1 855 836 3987 . Who is it?
Definitely a scam. Apple doesn’t call unsolicited, they email or text you. Also, I asked the called which of my accounts was accessed and they hung up. Fake apple 1 800 692 7753
Left message on first of two calls: “ This is Apple support we tried to reach you for your schedule call back, we’ll call again in 10 to 15 minutes goodbye…”
Fake Apple support scam call. Do not answer and block if possible.
who is 1 800 692 7753 ? I need help!
Who is 800 527 3369? Yesterday I received an incoming call, but did not answer it ...
Start calls on Saturday morning at 820am! I didn't answer, I blocked the number. I don't deal with any one that is so rude to call that early.
Claiming to be Synchrony Bank JC Penny credit card. I don’t have a Penny’s card and it’s not on my credit report either.
Contact Clare Rothblatt urgently in Nairobi Kenya
8003864017 is the Bank of America Auto Loan department
This is a legit BoA number. They called because there was an error with my payment. If you don’t have an auto loan with BoA then you can block the number and move on, but if you do you should prob call them and get to the bottom of it. I was lucky enough to avoid a ding on my credit, but the person I spoke with told me that they report to the credit bureaus after the account has been delinquent for 30 days.
Who is 800 386 4017 . I have 3 missed calls from them!
This Number is Belong to Designers of Dream Desire at Text Now
I want to know join these seminar
Hi. This number was used in connection with a fraud reported to the police. Since the German authorities do not have access to the data stored for the number, someone who is hiding behind this number may be able to help here. thank you
Facebook connected number that is trying to scam money from me I'm assuming. if you get anyone from Facebook or this number contacting you try and contact law personnel
Claimed to be from CheapAutoInsurance.
Sends JOIN THE ARMY spam. Gets defensive
I want to know who is the owner of this number because I just knew him by online dating, Thanks
Be wary of this number. It Sends Uber messages and scams to test for active numbers. Do not respond to it. Just block it. It is not the actual Uber number.
I received missed calls from this number Need to know who call
who does this number belong to?
Is this number from irving,texas?belongs to andy bryant?yw
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