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Recent comments:
This number has been flashing me these 2 days. I don't whose is supposed to call me from the US. Has there any name associated to the number?
this person scammed me by selling something online and never sent it
asking questions about my life.
This phone number is claiming himself as a First American Bank managers number is this right ???
The qwner of this phone number is trying to scam peoples .he is trying to sell masks to canadian peoples when it is so badly needed in the USA.I ha receiver an advertisement last niht on my private cell phone.Someone should arrest this fraud. Thanks for reading me.
I urgently need to get in touch with this number, as my daughter (from Belgium) contacted me with this number on 28th March 2020. I need to know if she is OK!
Caller making threatning calls
Don't know who it was but didn't like it
I need this number please give me the number forever
Adrián les saluda les recomiendo esta aplicación para poder usarlo es muy buena
Está aplicación es muy buena para poder usarlo
i want to make sure the number not a scammers
Please declare it and catch a swindler! This swindler pretends to be another person He asks for personal data and id Don't send him anything! Call the police and catch this liar!
I’ve received an uber scam message from this number: Your Uber code: 5246. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.
Tengo un allamada perdida de este numero
Этим номером пользуется мошенник.кидает много людей будете осторожно
So this no has scammed me in Sydney Australia so got down to providence forge but need to know address or names it in pls
I been scammed from this no I’m in Sydney Australia
Who's is this and where is this place
I recieved a missed call from this number. Why are they calling?
This guy is a scammer. Love scammer via instagram. Used the package scam on me. I blocked him as soon as he told me he sent luxury goods and I have to pay the clearance fees. My only regret is I disclosed personal information. hope nothing bad will happen. We communicated through whatsapp.
a text message came from this number to my cell phone with no identification. it was a request for me to provide my vehicle details: make, model, year, color, and license plate number. it said "to keep update in our system". I don't know who this is or why they are asking. I will not reply for fear it is a trap. I will block the number.
Just wanted to check this number belongs to whom
I'm texting you because this number has been texting me blackmailing me for money and I just want to know what can I do
Hi. May I who owns this number? This no message me and says he is from Syria. and tell unbelievable things. I would appreciate you help and it helps a lot. Thank you so. much
I want to know if this number is OIT CANADA's number ? thanks for this answer
Probably spam, could be legit though, proceed with caution.
Said the were calling from visa/MasterCard. I don't have a credit card. I waited to speak to an agent what asked "can I f×#%; your p*€&#$! I said that I would speak to his supervisor to which he further explained how great his g*nitals were. He said his name was F. I tried calling back to report him, but they cannot accept phone call
This number called me 18086003228, I'm in Botswana and this my first time seeing it. I would like to know where it's from. Thank you!
Heu there,so i have been talking to someone online claiming to be a soldier in Afghanistan. When i punch in the number for research your company came up. Pls tell that person to stop scamming people around mate.
This number keeps on calling me and when I pick up my Cell phone, nobody answers. It is frequently happening on a daily basis. please investigate this phone number for me as it sounds like a scam. Thanks - Frederick
To know which company / person use this number
This number is used for fraud. Thank you. Is a sun of a... who use this numbed and this mail.
This number is from a fraud man who steal money online
Find me the names of the owner of this number
Strange number, i live in Poland and dont have any friends and family from pennsylvania. Its ring only 1 s. Dziwny numer, mieszkam w Polsce i nie posiadam żadnych znajomych z Pensylwani. Plus to że dzwonił tylko przez sekundę
I received phone call from #304-244-0752, didn't know who it was so didn't answer. I am requesting status of package that has been sitting since January 21 2020
i want to know location of this number and name of the owner of this number.
scamming for weed and other drugs making tons of spam accounts on instagram and soundcloud
+13032198413 necesito ubicar a la persona de este número que me estado. Me ofreció un negocio con $2900 y me robo el dinero me bloqueó de Whatsapp, no supe más de el. Necesito realizar una denuncia según su nombre es Mr Jasper
Busco información sobre este numero que pertenece a Alfredo lee Brownlow
Called me twice in a row after 2100 (9pm). The second time I answered. They demanded that I tell them who I was. They refused to tell me who they were. I felt very uncomfortable and said they had called me, who were they. They again refused to tell me and continued to demand I tell who I was. I told them not to call my phone again, that I felt uncomfortable. That they do not have permission to call me again. They hung up on me at this point.
Me enviaron mensajes de ese número para mi desconocido y luego los borraron.
Who are you? Why are you calling me? You know me?
This number was given to me on my appointment letter to work in Cyprus, Nicosia as a staff nurse. I want to know if this is not a scam
This number is being used to make money scam in different countries, I was particularly scammed by this man who offered to carry out passport procedures and after the payment disappeared and blocked me from being able to contact him. what is your location and should report it
This number called my phone and when i answered the person hang up.
Recibo llamados del número +18064026114 No tengo contactos en EEUU por lo tanto creo que es dudosa la procedencia de esa llamada.
Beware. This is an African scammer, who claims to be Alex Livingston. But he ISN’T..! HE IS VERY CUNNING AND UNRELIABLE. STAY AWAY...!!!
Many callo from Hawaii. I live in belgium.
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