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It is a fake person, tries to take money out of you. Sometimes act like a female and tries making fool of males and can be a male making fool of females. All fake pictures of people uninown.
the owner of this number is giving missed calls . and its quite disturbing
Scam artist phishing for money...and a particularly stupid one at that. They tried to scam me at the start of February and now, after bumping my Gumtree ad back onto the first page, they've messaged me a second time in two weeks about the same car. This time it's supposedly a different person with a different email address...but they're contacting me from the same number...*smh*
When I answered but didn't speak, no one spoke $ they hung up. When I called back, I got the "this is not a working # " recording.
This is a Spam bot. It's a social security scam. Do not answer.
Hacked my Snapchat and changed all of my passwords everything so I can’t get into my account.
Orlando Car Accident Attorneys Trial Pro, P.A. 250 N Orange Ave 14th Floor Orlando, FL 32801 (407) 300-0000 Piercy Stakelum
Saxtakar.London Business adli firildaq sirketin meneceri!
هل هذا رقم طابع خاص وتساب بنك أمريكي
This number was used to send disturbing information and is subject to a Law Enforcement Investigation
I had 2 calls this morning from this number. I live in Queensland, Australia
Вы мне два звонили,я не хотел брать,думал что это мошенники названивают.Сразу проверил ваши номера вы оказались не мошенниками а чистыми работниками фирмы.
Need a name for the cell phone number provided 205-485-3304. Name and location please and thank you
Today evening,somebody called by this number and they are not speak to me... What is the reason and why are you call deeraj kumar
I wish to know about this number if it's used by one of the companies that gets jobs for foreigners
Este número es de una empresa a la que compre y después del deposito ya no me recibe mensajes, y no contestan en su pagina de Internet se llama BIOCENTRAL según en Monterrey Mexico
scam try to fool us from netflix and get some information!
Wtf has happened to my daughters mobile phone? I got a call from this number and only place you could have got it is my daughters phone! You answered her phone after calling me but hung up after me questioning for my daughter. Then her phone went numb and your number closed. My email above.
this fraudster will ask you to buy him an iTunes card .. help pay off your tax debt .. and much more .. be careful.
Telemarketing trying to sell health insurance.
This is a Telemarketer trying to sell health insurance, Mid eastern hardly understandable
Need contact to this number to find out why they, he or she is calling me
This number whatsapped me and he tried to scam me . SCAMMER
Found out it was my ex Felicia Montoya
Crank caller named Felicia Montoya found out who it was my ex girlfriend but thank u either way I blocked the number from calling me
Keeped calling and hanging up
Scam from "Officer David Smith" - threatens legal action tied to your personal SS#. Caller ID identifies as "scam or fraud"
I would like to know who the owner of this number is. They did not leave their name on the answering service. Thank you.
I want to know if this number call is the number of Carine Fayolle of Canada. Because I got a email with this number and i want to make sure that it isn't a false account or something else.. Please.
Catfish. Posing as a s*xy g*y man from Texas. Using pictures from an Instagram account titled @_elgabo_. Asking for money and gift cards. Says living with uncle and could not find meta data trace of picture with uncle, but the pictures he uses are from @_elgabo_'s Instagram account. Do not trust. Scammer.
Trying to find out who owns this number
I called this number back and they had no idea who i was but it keeps calling me over and over again 3 or 4 times daily. I blocked the number and they never leave a voice mail-
أريد بيانات صاحب هذا الرقم وأين يعمل 14014065635+
I am anonymous. The owner of this phone number is a p**dophile. I have screenshots of the chat and pictures of him. He would not answer my calls but at the moment i am working to take this man down.
Being severe harassed & a used via my cell:(
أريد أن أعرف بيانات عن صاحب هذا الرقم وأين يعمل بالضبط
Who owns this number and where does it work exactly
С этого номера +12525131381 осуществляют мошеннические действия на сайте
I have recived many calls from this phone but still I did not communicate because of the time call is a mid night, so i need to know who is him? Thank you!
This number is a SPAMMER. It's someone claiming to need to talk to me regarding my student loan. I NEVER had a any type of student loan!
Please clarify the name and surname of this subscriber
Me robaron mi celular y tuve un mensaje de este número como si fuera de Apple diciendo que habían encontrado mi celular para borrarme mis datos de iCloud y así desbloquear el bloqueo de iCloud del celular !!!
J'ai manqué des appels de ce numero. Je voudrais savoir de qui ou de quelle institution s'agissait'il svp .
.. i want to check , who owns this number and where is he from?
I want to check to whom this phone number belongs, (name and address)
Same got fooled by this number
Este telefono lo usan para Estafa
Is this number belong to instagram conpmany?. I got a msg via whatsapp from this number regarding instagram account with a link requesting me to respond.
This number is a scammer.... they used the “Publishers clearing house “ scam with me
This number is used to commit extortion in other countries like Portugal, Germany, Argentina and Mexico. I have proof of that
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