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The reason why I accesssing this number it used to call me before and I wanna know to who's name registered the number. Thank you & I wish you can help me.
I have been getting spam messages in whatsapp through this number
i would like to delete my account because you are taking money from my bank account and i dont know where i have to delete my account. Best regards Stergios Manitsas
Received a call from this number at 15:15 hr on 3/19/2018. Heard a robo voice then it hung up.
I keep getting calls from this number. It's an automated message saying ( Hi, I'm Rachel from card holders and I would like to go over your credit history).
This number called me and when called it back it was disconnected
This is my numeber for telegram and i log out this number I want to back this number thank you
A call arrived from this number name was BISHAL DAS from DIMAPUR. but the number don't seem of there I want the exact number he called from
I was wondering who is registered to this phone number. It showed up on my house phone today 2 times
There was an nonamerican caller who called and askes me to have s*x with him tonight.. This is beyond uncalled for cooking from a so calles professional company.!!!
Some one named Dr Linda Crawford from Michigan USA gave me this number and she is working for Action Aid International I wanted to check this is fake or real user
Good evening guys can u call me again i miss the call
hello, i'm foudil and you called me 3 hours ago,and i'm truly sorry i couldn't here you, i'm still waiting for your e-mail or call sorry again
Hello how r u.long time u absent from me.don't know how can I get u.tell me the right way.ho I reconnect u.however u send me ur on cell no.
Please help me to know details of this contact as the person is harassing me by calling through from same contact.
Precisamos falar apartir de Angola, meu número é +244923314773
This is a scam call about car warranty, lease address this as a scammer.
Kembalikan whats app saya itu whatsapp saya. Kirim ke email saya
I continue to get calls from this number, but nobody answers when i call back or leaves VM.
My loves im waiting for your email response, please message me soon
Im just curious last saturday March 03, 2018 about 7:07 am here in the Philippines.Iv'e seen you have a ms call from this Number +12154848908. My number you are trying to call is 09122085787 and that is my number.May I know who you are and what is your intention?.We can be friends if you want.
Someone from this number called my work and stated to my husband and I had a twin sister he gave her my number she didn't call me it sounds like a person in the past who had seen us on TV in our furniture commercials. I should have the right to know her name. Her phone call was inappropriate. I called the number and she had Bible scriptures on her answering machine so I recognize her voice that as someone I had a problem with in the past but we never knew who it was, then again it could be nobody at all and just a nice lady calling but yet I have to be careful and protect myself and my business.
this number call me but i do not under stand what he say
May I know the name and occupation,and race, thank you so much!
This is a solicitor/telemarketer. More specifically, it's a survey center (apparently).
Person creeping my daughter out. I want to know who is calling her. can you message me through email if you dont mind?
Hi i am Robinson from Colombia. I have a lost call from you. The, you can contact me after 3:00 p.m. Goodbye
Good evening, my name is Ayub Onyiego. I am looking for Henry, I am expecting an email from from him about Big Data Fundamentals. please check if the email you have for my contact matches with the one above. Thank you.
If it is true that I won the price of IRS 25000/- kindly inform me. If the call I received was prank, I warn not to bother me second time otherwise I will call cops.
Why did you call me?What's the reason?you call agin me .I love usa country. Because the boss country in the world.The boss person live in this country
hi help me i want to recover this number it was mine i want to delete this number from my accounts ... help please
Quite calling me I have turned # to prosecuting attorney ofgice
Hey it’s your girlfriend I miss you call or text me soon please I’m worried about you a lot
they're sending messages by text and ones you are following the messages you cannot unsubscribe even they writing sent STOP to stop but it doesn't help...
I want to know all detail of this number as soon as possible it urgent
This number keeps on calling me and I have no idea who it is, I would like to know who it is
Used by Fusion research Corp in the US. The daya is also utilsed by acamdemic institutions and researchers across the world.
Called multiple times. I do not know this number, nor anyone with this number. It is listed as Bronaugh MO. I don’t know anyone in Bronaugh anymore. No idea who this is.
Hi, this is Marc-James, I'm looking for a Marc Daniel Meyer if you know him id greatly appreciate it if you could respond.
They texted me asking if I still lived in a place I just moved to. They called me by my legal name. This is a name no one calls me even family.
I just want to find out whos calling my workbl phone at 2 am
kya munna kaun hai tu beta jara baap ko nam bata apna fake no banan hame bhi ata hai munna .
Good evening, earlier today I received a phone call from this phone number and I would like to know what this number is about. I will appreciate any information you may provide about it. Thanks
If you have an account Balance you need to have it paid by Friday February the 16th. All outstanding balances will be taken to court and incurr additional fees.. You let me know who this is.. I do not live in PA.. Or owe anybody anything.. Let me know how you got my phone number
Plymouth Massachusetts - I hadn't been in my room where my phone had been. I worked now for a company in Toronto. We can write via what's app. Heike
Keep receiving call from this mobile on my landline - someone at the other end - does not speak then hangs up.
I want to know and make sure who has this number. Because my boyfriend had this number before. And i can't reach him now. He said he want change the number. So i need make sure if this number is still my boyfriend number or any one else.
this numbers person call to I want to know who is she or he
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