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I want to know if this number is real usa number or fake number
I got a message from this number, cursing me and my family. I want to know who is this
this number is a free conference calling number. who does it below to. need more pins added
Hello Jenny. It's me Renny. Why you number is from North Caroline?
Hey who is this? You woke me up and you just called Me? Just wondering who it was is all
Called saying IRS is suing us, of course I called back and ot rang once and hung up. SPAM NUMBER!!
Salve,sono Gentile Laura ho avuto dei problemi per pagare l'affitto; se gentilmente il signor Anthony Pianezza mi contatti o mi mandi l'e-mail
You have a son that you have never met I have been looking for you you don't answer my calls
He is the owner of the site which stole my 1000$ and site is now shutdown i will find this guy he lives in revington and i am coming for you so better return my money
Please tell me details who is this person I shall be thankful to you. He is my Facebook friend. Great thanks please
Hello Sir. May I know who exactly you wanted. I dont know Janet Babirye Nangobi?
Дорогая моя подруга!!!!!! Очень часто тебя вспоминаю, сегодня сон приснился что у тебя дочка, напиши хоть пару слов как ты? как Юра? мой Вайбер +380672912229
I want to know the owner of this phone number, because i receive calls several time
احنا مراقبينك وفي ولد بيمشي معاكي وويوصلك كل يوم كبري العوايد بالاسكندرية هنجيبك انتي وهوا جهه امنيه خاصة
Hi. Good day. I would like to check because this number +19073516622 contacted me few minutes ago to my mobile number +639085752693. May I please confirm the reason for that call. Thank you.
This dude will answer your calls and just talk about life and shit.
sent text message only "specifically, how are u right now?"
Who ever this number belongs to stop calling me im getting reali annoyed
This number is used to extort people money from dating webaites
Call and threaten me again, my family of attorneys will own you within the month.
Net neutrality is protected by my freedom of press!!!
Hi melisa how are you? I am not feeling good. I was fired from work today Say something that removes this stress from me. Answer me Don't be late please
They have stolen my sisters phone, gotten my mothers contact and are sending her awful messages about my sister.
you called me I want to know who you are. Where do you know my number?
+12095811898 I need information of this phone as I would like to contact the person that offered me a loan from American Web Loan. If you could assist me with a physival address would be very useful.
Hi this is sathish I'm applying for job in Canada but little dought how much time to take for visa processing
Could you please let me know the address for this telephone number please. 12015235114 Many thanks in advance. Best regards
This lady who has been calling me asking offering me a loan up to 3000$ I had called her back she was also calling from 14087082184 was asking if I can use loan for mortgage or if my car was 5 yes old I could use for repair I had neither so she asked for a 300$ security deposit and I did some research and I really think this lady was a scam I then depisited 300$ but 429$ Canadian because she was located in California n she told me to send to Standford McDonald but anyways after I sent a picture of the reciept I tried calling her back n the voicemail said Barbra Voe or something and it sounded exactly like her so I think these two numbers are a scam...
i want to know if you guys are real. to used your service.
Hello whoever it may be that has this number.. I was recently logged out of Facebook and being that I run part of my business through my account of which this number is linked too I was hoping you could send me the 6 digit code that was sent about 20 minutes ago. Sincerely sorry for the inconvenience
You had put your phone number as your username in Spotify
Mika pls don't ignore me my number is 09163760331 or read my message in Google account and Leave a message there pass:rafaellucero12345678910
Recently not working with viber, can't be accepted for viber activation
This person is annoying me. Texting me about nazis and the kkk . I️ would like to fix the problem. They r send me pictures of hanging people
Verifying number is edicational debt fogiveness or spam.
Please i need to know who is the owner of this number, who contact with my person .i live in chile and want to know if is true who claims to be the owner of this number
He is a very nice guy,I just want to know more about him.
bu 14402014119 gelen kod almak şstiyorum hesabımı çaldılar ve bu numra kayıtlı
This number is offering me 1050 dollars a week for work in big rapids, Michigan. I believe this is a scam or even sex trafficking because they want to meet at a place that isn't the work place for an interview.
Need to know if this phone number is for a company called Interland AupairCare, 600 California St. F1 10 San Francisco, CA 94108
This number is my contact list.This number is messaging me in whatsapp.
This number is asking for job and i need to check it
I am trying to get this number to stop calling me everyday and will not stop when asked, then they change the number and call again. Is this legal. Bad.
buenos dias por favor es tu hermana lisbet que quiere saber de ustedes y de mi papa.mi numero en cuba es 5352706461,mi correo tengo imo, whatsap,messeger, puedes contactar.
Hi I have received a missed call from you. Can I help you?
i am an ICT engineer, the CEO of WRITZBERG GROUP. Its an ICT firm. Am a nice and very hardworking and industrious businessman
Hey Terrell! Still remember me man? -Josh malik
Is it your site cheating and delude people. Is yours?Bring my money back!
Got a call stating that they have been trying to contact me for 6 months and if I dont return there call they will enter my information into the government computer for IRS fraud
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