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calls me daily since the middle of August, will call 2 or even 3 times in a row if I do not pick up.
Hi this guy stole my named as ERIC POWELL stole my Facebook account and changed it to a TONY WONG now i can't do anything about it because Facebook community society that deals with see nothing wrong with account while a chines national is having photos and videos of a DEON SNEWE and black family that lives in OKAHANDJA, NAMIBIA!!!!!
I received a scam sms from this number. more than likely it was spoofed but yeah. giving a heads up
Whose name is listed against this number? My searches state that location of the owner is currently Inwood, NY
SPAM. Claim to lower the interest rate for your credit card. Very manipulative. Once u answer they'll call back with diff numbers if you hang up. They have all your info: SSN, CC account balances, rates; this should be illegal. DO NOT ANSWER
Someone called me from this number. That was missed call
This seems to be a catfish situation. Met him on Tinder, started talking on Whatsapp and has been sending pics of someone google image search has proven is not him.
Called me 3 times on Feb 1st, once on feb 8th, and once today, September 7th, all 2020. not sure who the owner of the number is, i never picked up and they left no voicemail.
Me i know of who is the owner of this number i thought the owner of this number is scammer he want me to pay 25thousand to the airport cuz his money hold the custom here in philippines and his bwgging me to pay that amount
This number starting chat with me. Ask me help 200 dollar
Someone called me from this number using the caller ID name of Ascension Via Christi. When I called back, the unprofessional young man who answered was not at Ascension Via Christi. Next, he called me again from the same number but using the caller ID Rusty Eck Ford. Do I have to refuse to answer calls from the medical service I use and also from my Ford dealer in order to stop someone from harassing me this way? I have called both businesses and left messages for them, as well. This is ridiculous.
My daughter and I got a very strange text from this and so did like 15 others with numbers similar to mine.
This is spam!!! I don't know who it is, but they call me almost every day! Be careful!!!!
Hi,it's your old friend,how are you doing.
Scammer who is not fulfilling his promises. Stupid enough to send me a money request on PayPal trying to scam me. His email addresses:
I received a p*rn*grpahic text from 4172338914. Please do not send me these types of messages. I have children who user my phone.
whose this number is?I just recieved a missed call from this number.
this number was used to scam and extort money
Scam artist - women working to lure man or women into there web than suck your money dry- Beware of giving these people any personal info - phone #- names - do not repeat do talk the people using this number
Scam , Fraud Avoid answering Scammer
This person texted me and knew my full name and asked me to be a personal assistant. Weirdo.
Received text from this # we came across a package from June pending for you. Please assume ownership and confirm for delivery here:
Trying to get my Amazon account info. Said I ordered an IPhone for $500.00. Good thing I thought about it. You got to pay Amazon for the order to go thru. Then they hung up on me. I called back and cursed them out!
Información de la persona que es dueña de este numero de cell
Scam call. . .
This is a scam number they call trying to give you money but need all your personal details and then get shady when you ask them not give them anything they will wipe your account!!!
This number send messages apparently from apple but they try to get information about the phone password that was stolen and the icloud account. This number is a fraud!
Called from *amazon* by extremely rude woman because I refused to download an app they said would help cancel an unauthorised order on my amazon account. When I still refused I was told to **off. Real Amazon say its a scam. BEWARE!!
Who keeps calling me? They never leave a message. I swear, I do not have a delinquent student loan!
This number keep showing up in my phone . Someone keeps calling and hanging up , can you please identify for me?
This number is listed as *Refunds and Billing* in an Email sent to me by *Premium Support* telling me my *card has been charged today for the renewal* of my computer services, and *The amount we have billed you today is $399.99* No such charge was made on my card. I've gotten several such emails over the past few months, always with a different phone number, all telling me about non-existent charges to my card. Someone is trying to phish or hack me.
this company is scam and now have all my information
The number is being used to scam or obtain personal information with the intent to defraud unsuspecting victim by inducing fear or fabricating false stories to coerce victims
this number texted me that I had 5,000 government grant waiting from the Covid 19 relief fund,but i had to give them a portion of it. 500. as a commitment to claim it.
I wanna know who this person is because they keep calling me
want to know who is the current user of this phone number
Want to know who looked up 12058803051 from Hilo Hawaii and how this person has my number
This number is a scam after he knows your number he will block you immediately, i don't what's his intension
Possible it’s a scammer. Please be careful
wow great to see my cell ohone number on here maybe i should sue
Robocall for debt collection demanding payment
Vorrei sapere a chi appartiene questo numero +12068231652
So, This phone number at whatsapp is offering a job in ceasar palace in Canada. I done some digging and while i was digging info, the person from this number replied that everything company pay for relocation but i need to pay small fee about 400$ by moneygram. I said that i will pay by Paypal. person gives me some address for guy who was voting and have mail address Be careful guys Note: I also find this phone number at Alibaba with several ads for job.
Can I have information about name ,adress, work place for the person who use this nr, please !
I received a text from this number on whatsapp. I need to know the telephone number owner
Hi .I want to know who is the owner of this cell number. And does he still live in Usa
+12026569281 I received block mail messages from this number. Please take necessary action
Received called from 14062024322. They said my social security number has been canceled do to suspicious activity. Is this an legit phone number from Social Security?
Calling late in the night. Spam Number
This number keeps calling and hanging up upon answering. Very frustrating.
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