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i had massage from this number. saying if you willing to work in ship will help you.. i like to know he is genuine or scam please thank you
i had massage from this number.. he said he work in cruise ship .. so he have a vacancy in ship.. i just wanted to know he is genuine or not please let me know as soon as possible
I want to know a person who use this phone number +12062517416 i can not call her, I think she changed.She is my cousin her name is KIMLY. Please reply me,
This number came to me from Jennifer Flood from Freedom bank ( ) Scam.
Need to know who this number belongs to. Been getting calls with Texas area codes but they end up being sales reps.
hello friend do you sell painting how much for 1 ,and how i can buy ,
Hello dear, Good day. My name is cooper Joel from California, currently living in Tampa, Florida. I sincerely need a California mobile number for onnet and international communication
Hello dear, Good day. My name is cooper Joel from California, currently living in Tampa, Florida. I sincerely need a California mobile number for onnet and international communication
I was using this number to make a purchase for a cell phone and after the purchase I tried to activate and it was a stolen phone. The number is now no longer in service please give me any info
hola soy una chica de 26 años interesada en pasarla bien contactame en whatsapp
I have been facing problems from this anonymous number please take an immediate action on the user of this number
Disculpe tengo comunicacion con una persona llamada thomas y deseo saber si realmente es su numero de telefono
I want to get PR visa of USA with my family plz help me
Dear Amin Yakh'ya Kharkov,Astronomicheskaya №37/173 In your apartment cold water flows. Write please,I'm from №177
Hello , Y've text me last night at 1:30 O'ckl where do you know me ??!
Spam recording tried to “help” me with health insurance do not answer block ASAP
This number keeps getting in contact with me on my cell phone I do not know who the number belongs to or who is calling cause everytime I answer it they hang up and when I call it back they don't answer so I as a consumer and consider citizen would like to know who's number it is
You called several times and just hung up. And I was wondering who it was. I tried calling it back and they said it was unavailable.
my whatsup number and cell was hacked after add this number in whatsup.
Hello Cindy, I would like to talk more often with you and know you better and why not, to make a video call later. att: Robert from Bogota Colombia
hi am Ashpak from india, working in saudi arabia . let me know about whos has someone called me this number. i cant hearing voice properly due to some network problem. can i know whos called me..... You called me. My name is Vitali Bortsov. I'm from Ukraine. What did you want? ÷380954777346
This is a scammer they ask about credit card information and credit
This is a scam landline number, they spoke about credit card information
I miss you and you need to text me, call or message me or something. I really do miss you plus I'm really broke and need some money.
Trying to figure out who keeps calling me back to back not saying anything. I just want the problem solved. Tired of changing my phone number and the same number keeps calling me.
Hi its Zane Hayes your buddy from Chaffee I want to call you again hope you're doing well
this is simply a scammer with a LOCAL number calling...I will block this number!!
I want rest my face book account because I forget password my account generated by on this number I want reopen my account on Facebook so give me rest code
They have got a friend of mine to send them money and trying to get her to marry him him with a fake marriage license the problem being she is mentally challenged and she will be heartbroken when she finds out I believe this man is a heartless scammer
Got a call from this number to my business phone, tried calling several times got a engaged response, could not trace the individual telephone number in Connecticut.
Someone abuse your phone number in Iran using Telegram application. please be informed and take appropriate action ASAP.
Hi Greg, Many thanks for the inquiry. You are asking for hoodies cut and sewn. For baseball jersey there are two ways we are doing. 1. Twill numbering and teamname 2. Full sublimation Now the question is what you like a full sublimated jersey or a jersey with twill numbering and team name. We will send you prices after that answer. Waiting for your response. Regards, Afnan Hamza +92-303-958-9839
I gave my routing and account information to the guy who called me from this number today. I hope it was legit..
Washington District of Columbia popular kottayam phone
Please check who this number belongs to as he is trying to get money from me for investing purposes.
Hi. Can you call again? I was not able to answer yor call earlier because we had our exam.
saludos, Necesito información de este número, a nombre de quien esta, y desde cuando fue adquirido.
Received a call from this number. Came without a ring and left a "missed call from this number" message via SMS. Must be a fake, as I don't know this number or the caller by person. I'm living in Europe.
Hello, I had a miss call from your number. So what's up.?
I need to be called back again by the person who called from 1-202-159-6344 because I cannot respond to calls while driving from Unknown numbers who want personal or other information.
ارسل لي الكود على هاذا البريد الالكتروني لاني كنت افعل الواتس اب على هذا الرقم ولقد فقدت الرقم واصدقائي على الواتس ينتظروني ارجو منكم الرد بأسرع وقت ممكن
I need the details of this no. Pls send the user dedetails of the same. Pls help .
This number keeps calling me and my location keeps being shared and I have no idea who this is or what this is . I’m afraid someone is trying to stalk me
اود معرفه صاحب هذا الرقم لأنه فقد ظرف مختوم ومسجل عليه هذا الرقم
Trying to see if this is an old friend reaching out because I've been waiting for something from him.
Hello You called me yesterday and I would like to know why. Can you call me back or email me +31624231994
Saya ini memastikan orang ini tidak menipu saya ..saya harap beri saya kepastian itu ..terima kasih
Kindly give me information regarding this number +12402005155 that to whom it belongs
Good day ..i just wanna know if who owns this number ? +17027890887 . Your response is very much appreciated. Thank you
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