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Daer Sir/Madam, I am Abraham dinku Mitiku, I am researcher at Ethiopian leather devlopment Institute.I got call from you this morning and can't exchange information due to bad network. So, please would you write me at the following address. Sorry for the inconvenience! Kindly, Abraham.
ارجوكم احتاج الى المساعدة بشان هذا الرقم اريد تفعبل وتس اب عليه لتواصل مع اصدقائي من فضلكم
Dear Sir; My son Basheer Zuhayr Alhafi has contacted you through e-mail several times in order to get an answer from you, concerning the entry visa to USA, but up to now, he did not receive any reply. As far as I know he, send all the needed documents and fees you asked for. He needs to know desperately at what stage the visa processes are. He is so worry about the matter. With my Best Regards Zuhair B. Hafi Tripoli - Libya
Ex-BF keeps calling me and using this numbers as spam. Why can't he stop already
Üdvözlöm! Ki hívott erről a számról? Mire felvettem letette. Kérek tájékoztatást! Üdv
Porque la vida se enzaña con las mejores personas te extraño mucho porfavor buelbe
ben sizin su numaralar acil yenilemöek lazım lutfen yenileyin bu siteyi kurdugunuz icinde tesekur ederim allah razı olsun allah ne muradınız varesa versin :)
I'm perchansed apple iPad him. Last September 12th still now my money was not credit into my account and also he is not responding me. No call, no message. He is a frad, chitter. And also he said to me ur debit 20000rs into his account then only he will give. I loss my money 20000rs&also apple iPad. He is a big chitter&also frad..... Please kindly help me
Hello! It was strange getting a call from your number from NY Belmont to Kazakhstan, Astana to my number +77478****26. Was it a coincedence or it was done on purpose? If it was on purpose, please send an email.
Whose phone number is this? Someone called from this number but it is unknown to me. Can you help to identify who the phone number belongs to?????
This number has called me informing me I have won 1.4 million dollars. I have to send them 375 to have paperwork drawn up to start the process rolling and I can get my money from 3 to 5 business days. This money is coming from different companies not just one company.
I missed a call on this line, need to know who it was that called me
Call from 216-789-6472 rings once and then hangs up. When you try to call it back all it does is Rings Rings rings. Thinking this may be a scam call.
In this number+14198777373.....was call me today please tell me why you are calling me.........give me reason
thats faceboom security team i got a message from them they are ot fake numbers , thats a us number i dint knw the location but thata a united stares number and i think its confirmed
I am getting text messages asking me to call this number. Can someone verify who is this?
need to knonw some details about this number? who is using it? can i get this number for free?
Im curious as to know who this is because she texted my boyfriend two times and i want to be sure its not someone he knows.she claimed to not know him but i dont believe her
Este Número Es Robado mediante Página Falsa . por Favor Retirar todo tipo de Comunicación
Scam... pretending to be irs and if not called back, I will be sued.
Hello chaachaa , I am third son of shri VINOD jha. I give a missed call of your mobile no. But you don't pic up . My mom wants talk to you so please call me at my no. 8800134273
hey dezi its charles i have been worried sick about you how are you im trying to reach you its hard though i miss and love you how are things i know life is a struggle i cant wait to see you hopefully soon my love until we meet again you are forever on my mind i want you to know that know matter what forever and always your man charles nuncio i love you boo boo
Good evening, i have received a call from this number. I don't understand what the person called wanted. If you want you can answer on the email, Bye
Is this sending a text message. I am on the computer.
I have been talking to a Nathan Brooks from this number for almost 3 weeks...
This number does not take calls, yet they tell me in a recording that I 2ill be picked up by "local cops" if I don't call this number.q5zgr
I am getting call from this no so I want to avoid information about these calls
Before addressing any computer issue, I always recommend scanning and repairing any underlying
Fraud and erection Threatening to kill and blackmail and asking for a lot of money
I want to know the address, to find out where she lives. Then call the police, because her husband has tried to kill her
Checking out the number that called me. maybe it was my long old friend, that I use to look for and lost touch.
Very rude calls and then when you answer lies that he didn't call you.
This is a test to see if this number is being used
Hi Jon this is agent Mary from durial lotto in California it just been established 1 week so we decided to reach you if you are interested in it.if u are interested in it reach us at our gmail account @ you
Who owns this phone number and what is there name please. Thanks
Hi this! I got a misscall by +12012168274 To my number +917827812203. Please let me know who is this calling..? Thanks.
Mandy texted me and said I called at 9 this morning and I was at school and she called in my English class and I rejected it to be safe. (10:44 am) Now Mandy wont quit texting me. she started at 10:45 am.
Abusing in Whatsapp and blackmail us please kindly request to ban that number because that number always blackmail
Everyday there is a IRS SCAM FROM THIS NUMBER, a case is filed and you or your attorney needs to call right away to discuss the charges filed against you. If you do not call within a certain time you will be arrested and a warrant will be filed for a quick law suit for damages or felony prosecution? Such a scam why are these people allowed to harass and call and threaten people I'm sure they convince people to pay but the law will do nothing to stop them. I think everyone should file a class action lawsuit against the phone company for allowing this to continue when they have been reported for harassment
This the number I was told to call over the phone by a robot calling from this number(3602342818). Definitely a scam. Don't let them steal from you!
This number called me accusing me of tax evasion and fraud. And said I had to call this number 360 234 2318 before the court case was filed. Do not let them fool you!
The phone number shows up on caller ID as Service Protect. I have never had dealings with any business associated with this name. This number has called me at least 3 times over the last 2 days. They call, I answer "Hello". They say nothing, and then hang up. Whoever this person is, I want the calls to stop! Dont call me if you are not going to speak.
Deseo saber a quien pertenece este num.pues me dijeron que hablara y ahi localizo a alfred cole.
Hi this! I got a misscall by +12012168274 To my number +917827812203. Please let me know who is this calling..? Thanks. Regards: Ankur Raj.
Daer Sir/Madam, I am Abebe Mengesha, researcher at Ethiopian Public Health Institute.I got call from you this morning and can't exchange information due to bad network. So, please would you write me at the following address. Sorry for the inconvenience! Kindly, Abebe.
Dear sir thanks you very much.i really thankful for your act of kindnesd.
Olamide, neemat called me 2day nd told me she has been trying ur no since sunday nd ur nt picking up so she told me 2 try callin u, wen i tried ur no it wasnt connecting, dats y am sending this through email
I want know this address. Then i have a call this number,so I want know this address detail Then then i want to know this address
Wer ist der Inhaber dieses Anschlusses? MfG Heike Ruprecht
This person that texted me, all they said was "hey". So I asked who they were. No response.
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