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This number called me today, when I rejected it, he/she turned it to private number and continued to call me.
Hola me enviastes un mensaje felicitandome pero no tengo tu contacto quien eres??
This number belongs to Jarvi Molly and she is a scammer.
I have received a missed call from this number on February 17/2019. may i know whose number is ? addis ababa ,Ethiopia
This number 0013158963532 called me att night when I go to sleeping!! And he not talk!! can I know name of his owner ? please
Bu telefonu kullanan şahıs dolandırıcı.ilk önce instagram ile kripto para yatırım danışmanı gibi tanıtarak bağlantı kurdu sonra bu no üzerinden whatsapp aracılığı ile. Tam 11.500 tl ye denk gelen kripto paramı airdrop saçmalığı ile kendi hesabına gönderttirdi.yetkili biri yada yardımcı olacak biri olursa sevinirim.yoksada siz düşmeyin uyarmak istedim
Im 74 years old and get these type calls about student loans 2-3 times daily. Tell them that i don't have any student loans and to leave me alone. Remove me from calling list. They hang up and then I hear from them again within hours. day after day.
Tried to breach Telegram account using code recovery, making phone call to get known the code.
Someone-under the name Pauline- sent me an email, whom i don't know, asking me to call that number, which i don't know either... thnx for ur concern..
This is my number, recently I've found out that VOIP scammers have been using it. Please block my number if I'm not already in your contacts.
Someone took over my account and tried to order shoes for himself using this number.
Her fake accent. I dont know where the hell she is from. She took an interview and it seems it was auto record. funny..well tried
Good Day Maam/Sir this is Mabel from Bulacan Philippines I just want to ask why you called my number? thank you!
I received a phone call from this number and it was a recording of a female receptionist saying that my social security number showed up in fraudulent activity and that I needed to contact them back . So I dialed the number and it only rang . This is my reason for looking this number up . To see if it is scammers ! Or legit .
I want to know if this is a scam for information or identity theft to where as if my life will be traced to this sort of scam
This number is a scam talking bout Social Security has a warrent for my arrest for fraud. To bad i dont get s.s.i and im pretty sure they arent gonna call you on the phone. Nice try though. How bout stop scamming hard working ppl & get a
Some man had just called me and he was persuading me to join the terrorists !!!
robocall giving a case number indicating tax fraud..I assume the IRS would not use ribocalls
Talking ridiculous with girl, and that girl crying from a long time because of this conversation.need to take action on this kind of people
I am just wondering whose phone number this is for calling me so early in the morning.
Hiya Anthony Your glasses are in the hotel! If you can contact me 07934180718 My son Dean and I had a great holiday I’m home now in Ireland Hope you’re family well And you of course
I have an job opportunity for this number from USA the number is USA number but real or fake i don't know so can you give me the number real address
Name only of the person useing phone number 240-366-1078 out of Williams port, maryland
I'm just trying to find out if the name of the person that called me twice and is denies it. He said his name was Grett Anderson.
missed three unrecognised calls from this number to my UK cell number.
GOOD DAY! This is Mylen Ruelo from philippines, Can i ask what company are you, You called me in a few minutes ago, we dont have signal where i am so icant understand what youve been saying. Sorry! Kindly email me for any questions thank you
Trying to sell something for my bad back before medicare takes me off their eligibility list. This is my last chance. But the call comes 6 or more times each day.
Scam caller claiming to be from microsoft. Repeatedly calls.
Just wanna see who this person is, making sure its real
Says number calling is from Bayard, NM. Computerized message saying something about legal action and something was fraudulent with my SSI number. And to call them at a different number. Instead I called back that number twice and the answer social security administration. They hung up on me both times
Facebook is sending legal complaints agAZinst them them to this bogus number phone number. Warning they may already have a virus in their phone. It attacking my keyboard came from facebook help centee.
hola recibi una llamada de ese numero telefonico soy jahir castro de Venezuela
HI i cant Call you becouse i dont know you last name Pls send me a message with full Name or call me at 6pm
Hello, you called.What's the issue,How can I help.send an email, my english is very bad, you can write. Yours truly
This person keeps calling my phone and when we answer hello she only says hello and nothing else I asked may I asked who I'm speaking to and she hangs up but calls at least 5 times a day amd don't say nothing else
Dear Sirs This phone no +16612145980 contact me by facebook and whatsaap. Could u help me check who is he? Name of him Is Chong Eric Lee. He sáid that he lived in Cali Usa. He is Chinese Originally. Thanks.
I am searching for this number because they randomly texted my friend. They knew who they were, who I was, and where I worked. We don’t know who they are
I have 3 missed calls from this number which I don't know the owner
It would be nice to know that instead of ignoring me that you would text and say Shaw I'm ok vauitd be 18 I have heard from you
Want to know owner of this phone number n also is it for a white man or a black man. Does the number exit. Cos a friend claim it's his but when I called it's been switched off
Diese Nummer soll von Keanu Reeves sein. Ist dies ein Fake oder nicht ich bin total verunsichert. Ich weiss nicht was tun soll?
I'm trying to find out if this person is someone I know. I found the number on a old receipt. Would like to know who, if possible, before attempting to call.
dont know who or why they keep trying to call but i get calls all hours of the day or night and when i try to call it back its not a working number.
Bonsoir, Je souhaiterais savoir si quelqu'un sait qui est là personne derrière ce numéro, j'ai vraiment besoin de savoir afin d'agir en conséquence, c'est très important, cette personne dit vivre a Londres et je vois sur ce site, Etats Unis, Virginie, Washington,j'ai vraiment besoin de votre aide. Merci
I got one missed call from this numbers. Am from india kerala palakkad currently am in coimbatore. I don't know woh is called me. Who are you. Tanks you
I don't know this number.I received a text from this number wanting to know if I wanted to hang out.I returned text,wanting them to identify themselves, w/ noreply
Nombor +12316424611 ini ingin membuat urusan jualbeli dengan saya. Bolehkah untuk saya mempercayainya? Atau itu adalah nombor scam?
Hello! Happy new year. I'm very sorry... about answered in phone and i hope you undertand me for now the time unaviable talking becuase my zone time different you there. See you agian. The best wishness Happy new year. Arzar PHAAPHAY
This person wanted to recruit me to bomb Americaa. Please check!
Why are you calling me.What is your business why you are calling me.May i know who are u and your purpose.Thanks.Godbless.Im from philippines
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