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I don't know this number.I received a text from this number wanting to know if I wanted to hang out.I returned text,wanting them to identify themselves, w/ noreply
Nombor +12316424611 ini ingin membuat urusan jualbeli dengan saya. Bolehkah untuk saya mempercayainya? Atau itu adalah nombor scam?
Hello! Happy new year. I'm very sorry... about answered in phone and i hope you undertand me for now the time unaviable talking becuase my zone time different you there. See you agian. The best wishness Happy new year. Arzar PHAAPHAY
This person wanted to recruit me to bomb Americaa. Please check!
Why are you calling me.What is your business why you are calling me.May i know who are u and your purpose.Thanks.Godbless.Im from philippines
It's a fake profile, it's a scammer. He pretends to sell AMAZON products but they are all fake. Its names are: ROO KANG, ZON AMA, ZONDRA ARMANDA
I would be very thankful to you if you could tell me who is the owner of this telephone number +1 206 312 0486,because l think that a scammer is using it.Thank you for your help
This phone is a terrorist which called to ask me for joining the terrorist team or he would bomb the whole family for Allah’s sake.
This number called me 3x at 5am. Pls check whos the person. Thanks
Dear sir/madam This number fake +17754764472 user make blackmailing we are using IMO chat app .like cheating. ask money please can you make block this number.i think this African gay. thank you
Dear Team! Your kind help is requested for the detail information of +15073571610 as I'm receiving bad messages from this number. Please Help
this number is emergency number for fire brigade and it is on many prank sites
I need some information about this person who have this number +1 702-879-4991 thank you
I just got to ksa about 7weeks ago and I've got no time on here talking to you honey. Can you please do me a favor please can you help me get Gift Card at jarir store tomorrow morning to attend my presentation for Monday
This number is harassing me for fraud and i didn't do anything.
jack mckee told me to send you a message regarding about the information that you grant in me
I'm getting vulgar and abusive requests from this number on whatsapp call. User claimed his name Rohit
I want to know who is person with thia number. This number called me and I want to know
Good day, I received a call through this number, but due to bad mobile network the call drop. And I tried to called back since then,but it diverted . I will be very appreciative of I can receive a mail from the user, I mean from the owner of this number.
Got a voicemail from the number 1 937 453 1929. Called it back. A man who said,he was Office David Jones from the social security office, he gave me his ID number and a Case number. He stated that my SSN is under investigation for fraud. He wanted my SSN for verification. I never did but he knew my address and phone number...I asked him why I've not received any letters of notification that my SSN is being used for fraud...I told him I wanted to speak to his supervisor and he said he was the supervisor, so I asked to speak with a sub-supervisor he asked me why and I tolded him I was not going to give out my SSN. So he asked for my last 4 digits. I still refused. So I asked if I can go to my local SS office and I asked for the address....he gave me Dallas Texas address...I live in Louisiana, so I played even more asking for the full address and he gave it to me... Told him I can't make it till Monday morning... He said it was urgent to take care of it now and to give me the correct SSN so he could get started on the investigation....I got tired of the playing so I hung up.... Looked up the number and it's a Bowersville, Ohio Number. The scammers are doing their best to get our information and steal it to use . Hope this helps someone. Don't ever give out your information.
i got a call form this number . need to know whose number is this. I need to get the detaails as i have received a call from this number various times but i was not able to connect due to poor network and when i call back the number isnt getting through.
I received a call but unable to hear the conversation due to network problem. Please reply me by my mail.
This phone number Video Called my Mum's whtsapp and started abusing her and even sent abusive texts in my Mum's number and when I started using same language as he was doing....he just blocked me. He should be reported to authorities as I'm in India and searching ways to report this number to police for abusing and harrasing my Mum.
Chingiz Mammadowis my uncle.Please call me +994518339949 Baku Azerbaijan
hello! I want information on this no...13087659133 because hi miss call me. unknown this number from which country called me?
Number keeps calling, can hear kids in the background, but nobody answers that end of the phone.
Hello You colled me yesterday but sory i didint take my phone beacuase im busy,so i make a small research for thie number and i found that you are the caller My number is +216 52 929 605 Tunisia Thank you waiting for your feedback.
I need to know What is going on with my girlfriend and all these crazy Numbers she has hidden on her phone and if you out if there is something about or not to worry about
I need to know What is going on with my girlfriend and all these crazy flocking Numbers she had and if you out if there is something about or not to worry about
Thıs number required from me a donation for an orphanage home in Nigeria ..She s claims is Dubai Prince Hamdan Menager in Nigeria
Hello I am trying to reach this phone. The number has come up on my phone numerous times and they just hang up or they don't say anything.
I want to know who is that person who talk to my cousin
i need to know is that phone number belong to person called Greg Morgan? This is because of my safety. Please.. answer to me.
can someone tell me the owner of this phone number, i got some calls overseas form this number. will appreciate all help to clear out this mystery
Hi! You called me yesterday from my number 09063970152. I’m from Philippines. How may I help you?
Celled and hasn't left a voicemail. I don't have a reason to call back. If they want to reach me, leave a voicemail with who they are, what they want and I'll get back to them.
these people call you stating they dont speak english and when you ask them to stop calling you they just hand up and call you again the following day
This phone number scams people out of their money saying they are g gonna put so much on your card but you need 20 to 25$ I your card to recive any money and the people cab can't speak English
Need details about this number. A man is saying he is from US, and very fluent english but some sites give that the number is from afganistan. Need to know if the person is who he says he is. Thanks
This telephone number is used as part of a Romance Scam..Nigerian scammers using fake engineer stories.
This number is coming with mail says that iapplied Job in some kind of hotels ijust wanna know if its right or wrong or fake please advise me.
Please help me find the tourist travel agent for the above number (+13852970396). we want them to assist us with tourist as a new venture (Victory Safaris & Tours) in Maun.Botswana.Southern Africa.
He only paid for a working prototype just as we agreed on before I accepted the project 3 months ago, and only said about other stuff just recently this month. The service included was a prototype requested by the client at the beginning of the agreement, revisions after that would just be out of my kindness. The service does not include passing the subject or to satisfy professors. I would have given those for free out of courtesy if he only paid full beforehand. My price is way below from others if only you would know, please don't treat this business like people want artist creation to be sold cheap because it's just drawing. I thought so he was a friend, I also given him 10% discount and I asked if I could have the remaining balance after I finished product but said he couldn't so I waited for a month without updates from him, and due to past experiences, I knew that he's not gonna pay. I waited for him to mention the remaining fee, but he never did.
This number keeps calling and hanging up. Can u please let me know if you have any information about the number I would be very interested in obtaining all you get. Thank you
I got scammed by this user with this number. He got some private videos of mine and threatened to publish it to my friends and family if I don't give him money. I rejected the scammers request. I wanted to say that be careful if you get calls from these people. I am not sure if it is the user of this place or scammers doing scammy stuff and is able to use the number. Be careful. If such incidents happen, don't listen to their requests. Contact someone and sort it out.
To avoid the possibility of fraud, I would like to know if the participant really is Allison Parker?
I want to know the owner of this number I wanna be sure if the person is a scam or not
Good day, I’m trying to reach Dr. John Inegbedion. He can send me an email on
receiving abusive messages to my daughter from this unlisted number, kindly help
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