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Me as llamado a españa. Que querias. You called me. I'm from spain.
Hi there,This is regarding to my Palawan,San Vicente Airport lot for sale,I just received a phone inquiry regarding this.Im in UK,+447460724168.
[5/14, 5:54 PM] ‪+234 814 803 8998‬: Day go do the work tonight [5/14, 5:55 PM] ‪+234 814 803 8998‬: Collet date of birth [5/14, 6:02 PM] ‪+234 814 803 8998‬: [5/14, 6:00 PM] IPhone: Just send the details asap [5/14, 6:01 PM] IPhone: Driving license, SSN, address, or address, dob, ssn
Hello I need the telegram code because I lost the number
can i ask if its a real person using this number named jones roberts thanks
Who is this number from? I don't know anyone from Kentucky.
Not sure who’s number this is I think my ex playing a joke on me
I don't really know what I'm doing. I suppose I'm just bored and curious. I hope this doesn't creep anyone out. I'm sorry if it does.
A person that only play with girls. Showing big dreams of a good married life. A fraud
El número +12408454770 es de un cobarde amenazador.
I just receive a message from Mr. Martin Flower. He’s asking for some help. I’m doubting that he is just scamming me. After I check his number that was sent to me thru email, I can now conclude that it is definitely SCAM!! HAHA...
Confirm receipt of this email. I was called hence I'm following up to identity why I was contacted. The phone number is traced to this contact
hello! may i know if who is the owner of this number? it was given to me. is this a registered number or a scam? thank you.
Just wanted to know if this number belongs to my fiance Jake Melvin
I also received an email from Mr. Martin Flower . This is real or a Scam ?
Is no. still for Mr. Mark Shimoda. If so, send me message. If not, discard pls.
Hello Iam somali Citizen Living in Hargeisa I complaint in telephone this phone number he has made me busy
Its a scam.. After you send personal information and about your bank, he will eventually ask you to send money for process...
I received a call from 0014104123842 which obviously is spoofing or other illegal use. The caller, Kevin, stated that he was calling from Microsoft service department. After asking I was told that he called from the UK, Wembly. At the end of the conversation, after I told the caller that I wil report his action, the caller started cursing me.....
A person claiming to be a young woman is messaging me claiming to have a video of me and is trying to extort money from me to feed kids In africa. Can you please shut this number down cause I get no answer when I try to talk to this person.
Receiving vulgar messages in whatsapp from that number
I just received Martin's message today. Readng your reviews, it seems like he did the same thing to all of us. So how did everyone responded to what he's been asking? Ps. I'm only 18. Is this a scam?
This number amongst others have been calling for quite sometime now, and when I try to return the call as in finding out more detail about the caller it hangs up.
This guy likes to send and receive photos from d*ks
I am from India. The number '+14233751301' from this number I am getting messages in Whatsapp & they are not telling me whom they are. I hope I will get some help from you. Thanking you Sir.
Hey my name is chris this number called me and said congrats on the baby hit me up im tryina change yo life baby I feel uncomfterble with this message because it used my girlfriends name.
Hi someone named martin flower just send me an email saying that he needs my help about something. I just want to know if it is true or some kind of joke. Please send me an email as soon as possible
This number a blackmail messages send on my WhatsApp I want a legal action pickup against this number because Very Very long time disturbing me.and I hope that a proper action take from your side.
I got the same messages from Martin Flower but they contacted me thru a text message first but with Philippine code and number so I'm confused if this is some kind of a scam.
you've called me today from this number. I should be waiting for call about my competition for scholarship and so i need to know who's that?
+12020359394 0r 0012020359394 don't pick up the phone. Internet and phone criminals from Colombia/USA who say they are from Microsoft
Why did you call tonight? Perhaps your phone number comes from West Virginia, America. Who are you?
Kerri, you've e-m`ail me 19 of may. How are you? Whaxt thrilling pictures does you mean for me?
Sir, I just want to confirm if this is a number from Astraaircargo company... A person named Derek Greene send a package and this is the contact number of the company... I'm bethelou avellana... You may contact me thru my mobile number +639076351955..
someone message me named matin flower. is the messages he send to me is real?
I receive a missed call at this number and I want to know who need me.
Hi, I received a message from a Mr. Martin Flower and this is the number he e-mailed me. There's a matter I need to talk to ypu with. Please e-mail me as soon as possible. I'm just verifying if what he's saying is legit. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I would feel guilty if he rrally needs help and I refused to help him thinking it's just some trick since most of the people use the internet and such statements for selfish reasons. Please reach me in my e-mail as soon as possible: Again, thank you and sorry.
Hi Palmer. Am Twesige Nicholas a Ugandan. We became friends when I was in Iraq working with the US Army in 2009 if u can remember. But I lost your email address . Please talk to me if you re still there. My email address is , phone number is +256704151722. thank-you
Hi i am Muhammad Usman Akhtar, I like this app is is very good app its use very helpfu
czemu napisałeś do mnie te pytanie z domem chcesz kopić w Niemczech dom? pozdrawiam
This number contact mail me and write +1 754-200-0553 number for call him.please help me for know about it.
i have message in your email.pls reply.thanks.Godbless!
I receive calls everyday from unknown numbers. I'm just simply wondering who called and what for. Your website advertises the willingness and ability to do so for free. Obviously You forgot to mention the 9million hoops you have us jump through before demanding my credit card number along with my first born.
this number called me on whatsapp claiming to be Julia but she sent photo of Ashley Ortiz to me.
My friend from India is getting vulgar messages from this number on WhatsApp. please take strict action against it
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Hello, My name is Rafael Balgin. I've found your call on my phone. If you want to ask me or offer me something write me on or
1 910-400-4054 Preciso localizar o dono deste numero de telefone urgente, saber o nome dele pois não sei se estou sendo vitima de golpe, a pessoa diz que trabalha no mar em navio, que é engenheiro, e mora na Carolina do Norte. Mas ainda acho que é um scarmmer. Me ajudem por favor falo do Brasil.
me envian mensajes de este numero supuestamente un soldado canadiense que se encuentra en siria alepo quiero saber de donde, sus nombre son Alexanda Andrews Gill Levony. Espero su pronta respuesta.
To show the sincerity and legitimacy of this transaction, I have attached a copy of my international passport with my photo, You can also call me over the phone or through Skype for further clarification.
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